I wish I could wear this today

It’s winter, I’m dreaming about summer. So I looked at some photos and realized I never posted this outfit like I promised. Well, here it is! I wish I could wear this today. Or anything other than a thousand layers of textile, scarf and mittens to prevent freezing to death. That too can be cute and stylish though, the cold on the other hand is not so cute.


I wore this outfit to an after work girls night and MTV party on the pier in Tønsberg. In the first picture I have styled it down for work with my big BikBok purse and some sandals from Suiteblanco. If you haven’t already you can check out my purse content in this post.


After work the sandals were replaced by my favorite Michael Kors pumps. I left the big purse in the car and brought this little cutie from Suiteblanco instead. Isn’t that just one of the best feeling, changing from a big, heavy purse to a small, light one or no purse at all? Maybe it’s just me, I love that.


The dress is from a thrift shop in Alabama actually. This is just half the dress, or the undergarment, haha! There is a sheer part that goes on top. I just gently took them apart and now have one sheer and one little black dress.


I can’t help but notice my tan on this details photo. God, I miss summer. I wore my #nofilter necklace as a bracelet here. I liked it better that way. The necklace is from Gina Tricot. My gorgeous rose gold watch is Guess and was a gift.


Where would you be right now if you could choose? 

I’d be having lunch and an iced moccha on the Ayala Fairview Terraces in Cebu, or maybe a lunch Pina Colada at the Edge of Waikiki. Or just anywhere warm. Norway and I always quarrel in the winter.

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