Scandinavian Gathering 2016 was amazing! It is a Forever Living seminar and gathering in Gothenburg of FBO’s from all over Scandinavia. We were over 3500 people at the gathering this year. That is amazing. This was my first year attending the gathering and the best part of it was that I got the tickets and stay for free! Forever covered it all for me and a friend as a reward for my hard work. I love my job. We stayed at the luxurious Gothia Towers and partied all night at Scandinavium. Forever really doesn’t  spare no expense for the celebration of their FBOs.


At these gatherings, and all of Forevers big events, there is always a theme for the mingling and parties. I am a big sucker for theme parties, I just love it! This years theme was rock’n roll and I could not have been more pleased with their choice of theme. I posted some outfit pictures on instagram if you want to check them out (jeanettemarie). I totally forgot to take pictures with my camera. I guess I was just having too much fun! But I might have some pictures taken before the big party Saturday night that I can post later on.


There was something to do or see at all times during the gathering. They had put up a fitness stand with the F.I.T.-program, a beauty stand where we could try the makeup, a shop where we could get some products that we don’t have in Norway and lots of other fun stuff. But the stand we visited most frequently was the Forever Magazine stand. They had a photo booth. A photo booth that we could use as many times as we wanted. A photo booth that gave us photos for free. I loved that photo booth. And yes, I have a huge pile of photos! They are going up on my walls soon.


One of the highlights during the seminar was when our country manager announced that Norway was the country with the biggest growth in 2015. It is just fantastic to see how people have their lives changed every day with Forever. Using it as a tool can really help people achieve their dreams.

I am looking forward to next years Scandinavian Gathering, and hopefully I’ll have some more of my friends and team members with me. But before that I am excited to go back to Gothenburg for the Forever Summer Party. I can’t wait!

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