Wish Wednesday #7

“Winter Autumn Dress Women 2016 Long Sleeve Sexy Party Black Knitted Dress Casual Bodycon Dress Vestidos Short Sweater Dresses” is such a pretty dress!

I ordered this dress from the store Shopit on the 12th of January and it arrived on the 7th of March. That is 54 days and the longest I’ve waited for anything that I’ve ordered off Wish. I actually ordered this dress in black, but as you can see I received a grey one. I actually like the color so I’m not asking for a refund. I payed 35NOK (4USD) for this dress. The fit is perfect except for the length being a little bit too short. I am a very petite girl of 155cm (5’1feet) and this dress barely covers my butt after I’ve walked a few steps. I’d have to tape it if I want to wear it out, or use tights underneath.

I actually want to do a plus and minus on this dress because even though I want to love it, I just can’t. I think that is simply because of the length, but maybe a pros and cons could help anyone else who is thinking about buying this.

Perfect fit. + Good quality. Stretchy and soft fabric. + Very cheap. + Looks exactly like the ad photo.

 Too short.  Shipping took longer than expected.  Received the wrong color.

Girls just want to have fun

This month is one of those months were something happens every weekend. Or were there are birthday parties every weekend to be more precise. This weekend we celebrated one of baes friends. I didn’t bring my camera to that party, but last weekend I celebrated my sweet friend Malin. 

It was an all girls party and I of course had to bring my beloved SonyA6000. I also brought my selfie light and it saved so many of the pictures that night!

Wish Wednesday: tips

There are a few things I’ve learned when it comes to shopping from Wish. As you may know purchases off the app don’t always turn out the way you expected. To prevent total disappointment, and to make sure you get your item as cheap as possible (’cause that’s why we shop there) I have a few tips!

1. Time. This one is key when shopping from Wish. Make sure you have time when you are going into the app because you’ll need it for browsing through all the ads. Also remember that shipping varies a lot so don’t order something that you need within the next two months. Work on your shopping cart over time to make sure you get good items at a great price.

2. Use the search feature. If you know what you are looking for then I guess it goes without saying that you should search for it. But, also use the search feature when you have found what you wanted to check if you can find it cheaper or with a higher rating. Simply copy that ridiculously long ad name and paste it into the search bar.

3. Use the measurement charts. Because most items on Wish are from Asia the sizes are often very different from what we are used to. Some ads have measurement charts that solves this problem, just make sure to use them! I must admit that I never measured myself when shopping on the app. I’m simply too lazy, but I’ve been lucky with the sizing so far! We did measure our puppy and his items fit perfectly.

4. Read reviews. I’ve found that you can’t always trust the star rating so I always read the reviews. Sometimes people rate five stars to try to get their comment on top even though the comment might tell you not to buy. People also give high ratings because of fast shipping before they have even tried the item.

5. Look for customer pictures. I love when people add pictures to their reviews, it is one of the first things I look for when considering to buy a product or not. Even if the review might be good you can sometimes tell from the pictures if the item will be good enough for you. You can tell so much by a picture, like the fit, fabric, color and sometimes quality. A picture of a girl looking stunning in a dress can actually tell me that it’s not a good fit for me because we are all so differently build.

Also remember to spin the Deal Dash wheel for extra discounts!

Doggiebag March ’17

This is the second doggiebag that our bichon’s received, and the second one that I’ve posted here. Because this doggiebag is only available in Norway I am concidering only posting about it in Norwegian from now on, on my Norwegian blog jmbeautyforever. If you want me to keep showing you the doggiebags here too, please leave a comment.

Our puppy was a lot more curious this time around than the last time we came home with this green box. I don’t know if he remembers that the box had goodies the last time, or if he could smell the goodies through the box this time. The box contained a squeaky, plush toy from Kong Aqua Knots and this was the first thing our puppy picked out of the box. The rest was goodies like a chewing bone made of a trachea from cattle, Fish4Dogs fish bites, Pooch & Mutt salmon bites and Whimzees Veggie Sausage. 

These boxes are really pure genius! It is so chill not having to go to the pet store for treats, and the treats we get are healthy. To find these in the store would probably take forever, but we get it in the mail with a newsletter telling us what is in the different treats and what they are good for.

And most importantly, the dogs love it!

Happy international womens day

Today I decided to write a ridiculously long post about hair, in Norwegian. You can read it here.

I spent my day writing and working out. I also decided to do something nice for bae so I bought him some tulips. Turns out nobody has ever gotten him flowers before so he was pretty surprised.

I hope all you beauties had a wonderful day!

Wish Wednesday #6

“Spring Winter Warm Fleece Puppy Dog Clothes Cute Anchor Hoodie Coat Pet Costumes Clothing for Dogs Pets Chihuahua XS – XL #3” is todays Wish product.


We just love spoiling our puppy and because bae loves to spend time in the boat during summer we bought him some boat wear. I just now realized that it will probably be too hot for the little guy to wear this in the summer, haha! Maybe he can wear it after baths and in the evenings. He looks so adorable in this little hoodie!


The hoodie arrived in around 14 days. I paid 35NOK (4,14 USD) for it. I ordered it in XL and the color beige. The color is more white/off white, but I actually like that much better than the beige. The quality is great and the fabric is super, super soft!


As you can see on the pictures the original hoodie has some text under the anchor, but the one we received does not. I’m actually glad doesn’t. I think it looks cleaner without the text.

I am very pleased with this item! But I’ll have to point out that even though I ordered the color beige, the color I received is more white and the text on the back is missing. I was glad for both these things, and actually liked the item I received better than the one in the add! But I just want you to be aware that you don’t always get exactly what you order.

Tea. When people are upset, the cultural convention is to bring them hot beverages. 

-Sheldon Cooper, The Big Bang Theory. I used this quote on instagram (@jeanettemarie) too ’cause it is one of the few The Big Bang Theory quotes that has actually stuck with me.

I’ve had a weird day. I went to a meeting this morning that I thought would just be super chill. Yes, I do always get anxious before these kind of meetings or gatherings. I didn’t really know what I was going to, I didn’t know anyone and had never been there before, but I thought this one would be over quickly and painlessly.

That was until I suddenly realized that former events has affected me a lot more than I initially thought. Negatively. It has affected me so much negatively that I can’t even talk about it without tearing up. So that’s what I did, I cried. And of course it had to be in front of some total stranger before I could rush out of there and into baes arms. I hate crying in front of strangers.

Back to tea. I do believe that hot beverages does soothe a little, at least for a minute. So when I got home I was happy to taste these two new, organic Lipton teas that I got from Buzzador after being chosen for the campaign with Lipton. The teas I received are Earl Grey and Russian Grey.

Both bae and I agreed that Russian Grey is  our favorite of the two. They both taste like the original Earl Grey, but I feel that Russian Grey has a slightly sharper taste. It might be of lemon, I know that’s in there. I like lemon in tea, it gives a hint of freshness.

After hours of tea and the Norwegian series Bloggerne I’m now ready to go to the gym and let out some steam.

#LiptonØkoBuzz #lipton #buzzador

Strawberry love manicure

I used to love doing nail art and just fixing my nails in general, but I have been so lazy when it comes to nails lately. So when I took out my old nail decor sticks and cut off a few slices they were way to thick. I guess I’m just not used to this anymore.


But, yeah, the strawberry and heart slices were so thick that most of them fell off after these pictures were taken when I tried to file them down, haha! Only one strawberry slice was left, and it is still on my nail now. If any of you have tips on how to cut the decor sticks thin enough, please let me know!


The shellac polish is called Hollywood and I won the nail art decor sticks on an other blog years ago, but you can find these on eBay. If you’re using shellac then make sure that you remove any oil from the decor slices before applying them with a tweezer, or else they won’t set.