United vs City

If you guessed that we went to Manchester to see United vs City in Old Trafford you were absolutely right! The match was during my boyfriends birthday week and he really wanted to go, and for me any reason to travel is a reason to travel. I love traveling, and I also think that going to a big sports event should be on everybody’s bucket list. Even if you are not into sports, the tension and excitement at these events is just amazing.

We ordered our tickets to the match months in advance to make sure we got some good seats, and we did! We actually sat in the wrong seats at first and were so excited about how good they were until someone came over and said that we were in their seats, haha. But we were blown away when we finally found our spot! The first picture is our view of the reporters when in the wrong seats and the second picture is the same view, but from our actual seats.

Pretty cool, huh? We were even in the corner where all the players came out of the locker room and on the same side as the managers. My favorite part was all the off field players staying warm by jogging and stretching on the sideline, haha. Those football players look pretty good from behind too.

We were cheering for the red team, Manchester United, and as you all know by now they lost the game. Luckily we didn’t let that ruin our weekend. Well, we did do some shopping therapy though, but that’s just fun!


I am actually looking forward to the next trip to Old Trafford and all those supporters singing and swearing in an accent I barely understand.



Innside Manchester

A couple of weeks back my boyfriend and I spent a weekend in Manchester at the Innside Hotel. We actually landed in Liverpool and traveled by train and bus to Manchester. Even though it is a bit scary sometimes I love using public transportation when I’m in new places. It gives me a feel on how it would be to live there. We did also try out uber for the first time though, genius.


We spent a lot of time at the hotel during our stay in Manchester. Of course we got to do some shopping, eating out and checking out the Manchester night life, but we both had the flu so we really needed a lot of time recovering in bed. You know how good your bed feels when you’re sick, right? Well, a hotel bed feels even better! And the sheets are fresh and clean every night.


The hotel was pretty nice too. I loved the colors in the room, and outside. It really stands out. Innside was just a short walk from the train station, and to the mall, and there were restaurants and nightclubs just around every other corner. Ordering room service was kinda pricey so we were very pleased with the location.


I probably should have taken some photos before we messed up our hotel room, but we both went straight for the bed every time we came in that door. And lets be honest, hotel rooms are neat for 5 minutes before you start unpacking and jumping on that bed. But I wanted to show you the room anyhow! I just loved this open bathroom solution, we both did. We even talked about wanting this kind of solution for our master bedroom one day. The glass door on the left is the shower and the black door next to it is a toilet.


My favorite part about the room was the mirror over the sink. It had built in light, perfect for doing makeup or taking selfies. A lot has happened in the past year and I haven’t had my mirror and lights up in my makeup room at home so it felt so good to finally do my makeup in great lighting again! The design of the mirror was so elegant and simple too, I just wanted to pack that thing down in my suitcase and bring it home with me.


Those of you who follow me on snapchat (@jeanettemariea) already know why we were in Manchester that weekend, but a post about it is coming up. Because it wouldn’t strike me as a first pick place for a weekend get away, but we are most definitely going back – he insists.

So for next time;

Any tips on things to see and do in Manchester?

OOTD 09.07.16

Summer feels so good, and it’s making me want to dress up more. On Saturday we decided to go clubbing and I brought out a new dress that I hadn’t worn before, did a full face makeup and fixed my hair. Looking fabulous is such an amazing feeling, right girls? I know I’m right.


 The dress was a Christmas gift from my little sister. I don’t know where it is from, but I’ll check later and edit it in here! The trench coat is from BikBok, shoes are from Bianco and the purse is Guess.


 I am wearing Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade in Chocolate for my brows. Eye shadows are from the Too Faced Naked Eyes Palette (my favorite at the moment). All face makeup is Flawless by Sonya and the lip color is Peach.


Have a great summer day!

Monday Glam

I am starting off my week with some Monday glam. It’s been a while since the last time I did a full face makeup, but after Saturdays party makeup I remembered how much I love it! And how much I’ve missed it. So today I decided to feel fabulous, and there is no better day to do it on than Monday.


The black trench coat is from BikBok.

I’ve used Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Pomade in Chocolate for the brows. Eye shadow and highlight is Too Faced Naked Eyes Palette. The rest of the makeup is Flawless by Sonya, and the lip color is Chocolate.


Stay fabulous!

Blaa Mat og Bar Porsgrunn

If you are ever in Porsgrunn looking for a place to eat or have some drinks, this is the place. Blaa Mat og Bar has a cozy dining area on the second floor and a bar in the first floor, but in the summer you’ll want to sit outside on the veranda. It lies right next to the river, so close that my little sister was afraid of losing something in the river the last time we were there together.

Their food is great and so beautifully plated! During the staff dinner on Tuesday I had beef tenderloin as my main dish and Blaas chocolate sabayonne for dessert. I love red meat, and I love chocolate, so for me that was the perfect meal.

The thing that Blaa Mat og Bar is best at is their drinks and cocktails! They are so good, and like the food the cocktails are very beautifully decorated. We were almost 30 people at our table on Tuesday. All of us working at a night club, many of us bartenders, and there was not one single complaint about the drinks that night. And we did have a few drinks.

JM recommends Blaa Mat og Bar!

Wine & dine with the glass corner crew

Do you know I bar tend? Of course you don’t, ’cause I never told you that! I’ve been working as a bartender at Skiens best nightclub, Glasshjørnet, for almost two years now. Fun fact: Glasshjørnet translates into “the glass corner”. Before Glasshjørnet I worked at Nulltoll (also in Skien) for about three months before they closed.

On Tuesday the staff of Glasshjørnet got together for dinner and drinks at the restaurant Blaa Mat og Bar in Porsgrunn. We were celebrating summer vacation, the nightclub is closed in July and open the doors again in August.


The staff of Glasshjørnet is the greatest bunch of people I have ever worked with. We all get together so well even though we are all so different as individuals. They say that the people working in the night life industry really know how to party, have you heard that? Well, this gang is no exception! I have so much fun with these amazing people, both at work and off duty!


But the best one, a person I really look up to, is our beautiful boss lady, Ida Tilly. At least she was our boss. Last weekend she had her last shift at Glasshjørnet and I was lucky enough to share the bar with her. There were some tears shed around the table after dessert as we gave her a diploma for being the worlds best boss. We are going to miss her, and are curious to see and get to know her replacement.


What a night we had! Just look at this group of gorgeous, silly people. I love working with these freaks. Hope you all have a great summer holiday, and I look forward to seeing you again in the fall.

If anyone of you readers live in Telemark I hope to see you at Glasshjørnet in the fall too! It really is the best night club in Skien.

Outfit: Moroccan Nights #sp_2016

As some of you may know by now, I love themed events! And so does Forever Living, that is awesome! The theme for Summer Party was Moroccan Nights. At first I thought it was Arabian Nights so naturally I started looking for a belly dancer outfit. It was a good thing I double checked!


My jeans and top are from BikBok. They were a birthday gift from my gorgeous friend Cikki. I got them just a few days before I left for Gothenburg, and they were perfect for the event! Shoes are from DinSko. I bought the necklace when on vacation in Egypt.The awesome cardigan is my moms, I borrowed it for the occasion. I know I can always find something good in my moms closet. That woman has everything a girl needs when it comes to shoes and clothes.

I promise I had pretty curls when I left the hotel. My hair is hopeless like that! All it wants is to be Asian straight. Any tips on how to make curls last is very welcome.


My purse is vintage. I bought it in the Episode tent at the Roskilde Festival one year. I hope all you festival goers reading this are having a blast at #rf16! I couldn’t make it there this year and am so envious of everyone posting photos of how much fun they’re having. Once you’ve felt that orange feeling you’ll always want to go back, and I will! Hopefully next year. I did have some festival feelings at the Summer Party though, it was so much fun!

My travel buddy is wearing all H&M. Shoes are Jean Paul.

Forever Summer Party #sp_2016

Last weekend I went back to Gothenburg, Gothia Towers Hotel and Forever Livings HQ in Mølndal. This is my third time in Gothenburg in just a year thanks to Forever Living. I am really starting to like that city! And it was my second stay at the great Gothia Towers.

This travel was to attend my second Forever Summer Party in the park outside Forevers castle and HQ. I spent three days there surrounded by FBOs from all over Scandinavia. 4000+ happy, inspiring people together to celebrate summer, a great year in Forever and the incredible opportunity that Forever gives us.


The theme for this years Summer Party was Moroccan Nights and the park looked so good! Forever always pays attention to details at their themed gatherings and #sp_2016 was no exception. The decorations were amazing, lanterns were hung in trees everywhere and they even had a hookah tent! That was our favorite tent. The atmosphere was so cozy! We sat on pillows on the floor or in big, soft sofas. It was also the tent that had most shield from the wind and I freeze easily so yes, I kinda hid in there.


The gatherings like Summer Party and Scandinavian Gathering are great events to get to know people from all over Scandinavia, or to catch up with people. I had the pleasure of meeting a gorgeous Swedish girl named Sarah (instagram: sarahswellness). We became friends on instagram for over a year ago, saw each other in the rain at last years Summer Party, but didn’t have a chance to meet until Scandinavian Gathering in February. It was so nice to meet again at Summer Party and to hear about her success! I can’t wait to meet her, and other friends I’ve made, at the next gathering.


I had such a great weekend at Mølndal. The speakers were amazing, and so inspirational! It was fun to finally see Doctor Audun Mykja who has written the book Aloe Vera: Nature’s Silent Healer and lots of other great books. He was not quite how I expected him to be, but for the better! Such an energetic man! He got the nickname Doctor Feelgood around the park.

Summer Party is pretty much like a three day festival. You really get that festival feeling when you’re there. The parties on Friday and Saturday night were epic. Forever really knows how to throw parties! And I like to party so my travel buddy and I were among the last once to leave the park both evenings. Good thing our hotel was just a few minutes away by train!

Thank you for yet another great gathering, FLP! Looking forward to the next one!



Scandinavian Gathering 2016 was amazing! It is a Forever Living seminar and gathering in Gothenburg of FBO’s from all over Scandinavia. We were over 3500 people at the gathering this year. That is amazing. This was my first year attending the gathering and the best part of it was that I got the tickets and stay for free! Forever covered it all for me and a friend as a reward for my hard work. I love my job. We stayed at the luxurious Gothia Towers and partied all night at Scandinavium. Forever really doesn’t  spare no expense for the celebration of their FBOs.


At these gatherings, and all of Forevers big events, there is always a theme for the mingling and parties. I am a big sucker for theme parties, I just love it! This years theme was rock’n roll and I could not have been more pleased with their choice of theme. I posted some outfit pictures on instagram if you want to check them out (jeanettemarie). I totally forgot to take pictures with my camera. I guess I was just having too much fun! But I might have some pictures taken before the big party Saturday night that I can post later on.


There was something to do or see at all times during the gathering. They had put up a fitness stand with the F.I.T.-program, a beauty stand where we could try the makeup, a shop where we could get some products that we don’t have in Norway and lots of other fun stuff. But the stand we visited most frequently was the Forever Magazine stand. They had a photo booth. A photo booth that we could use as many times as we wanted. A photo booth that gave us photos for free. I loved that photo booth. And yes, I have a huge pile of photos! They are going up on my walls soon.


One of the highlights during the seminar was when our country manager announced that Norway was the country with the biggest growth in 2015. It is just fantastic to see how people have their lives changed every day with Forever. Using it as a tool can really help people achieve their dreams.

I am looking forward to next years Scandinavian Gathering, and hopefully I’ll have some more of my friends and team members with me. But before that I am excited to go back to Gothenburg for the Forever Summer Party. I can’t wait!