Double date at Rio

On Saturday we went out to eat with a couple of baes friends. We wanted to go to Sjøloftet in Brevik, but they had no table for us. There are lots of places around here that has take away pizza, but not many good places to go out and eat pizza. We decided to go to Rio Pizza in Porsgrunn. It is one of the eldest, if not the eldest, pizza places in Porsgrunn and this is the first time I’ve ever visited the restaurant. And I wasn’t the only one who had a hard time placing it when hearing the name.


When we came to Rio Pizza there were no other guests there. I find that odd on a Saturday night, and even weirder after our visit. The locations is great, pizza was good, the bowls of dressing were almost three times the size of the ones I’m used to and the atmosphere in the restaurant was very cosy.


Yes, they could have upgraded their interior decorations and their musical playlist, but we enjoyed our visit.

2017 V-Day Hike


We started our Valentines Day with a three hour hike in the forest. The sun was shining all day and it was such a perfect day for hiking. Our baby Bichon had so much fun and loved running free through the trees and snow.


We chose to follow a track that neither one of us had walked before that’s called Uræddløypa. It was so nice to discover new paths and viewpoints together. We are so lucky to have such beautiful nature all around us. It feels good to discover new places sometimes, and giving our puppy some extra exercise at the same time. He also got a lot of training when it comes to socializing with both dogs and people, and everyone we met on our hike were all so positive and nice. Only on hikes and on boats Norwegian people actually greet unknown people!


I am not used to bringing my camera around anymore, but it’s starting to feel more natural again. It’s especially nice that bae encourages it instead of getting embarrassed every time I take the camera out (except if I point it at his direction, haha). I used to love taking pictures and when doing it on our walk I realized how much I’ve missed it even though it was too cold to take a lot on the hike. It still made me want to get better at photography.

No matter where in the world you’re from, I’d like to know: Where’s your favorite hiking track?

Four course feast at J&G


We chose to eat our Valentines Day dinner at Jacob&Gabriel in Skien. They have such great food! The portions are quite small though, or at least in the package course deals. We bought the four course dinner for 400NOK (48.07USD) each, and I had the beverage package too for 455NOK (54.70USD).

I am not going to write much more about the food, but I brought my camera and tried taking nice pictures of it so I thought I’d share the courses with you. I love practicing taking photos, and photos of food is something I find challenging and fun. The first course was cod with pickled fennel and hollandaise with vanilla and saffron paired with white wine.


2. Veal shoulder with fried artichoke cream, beets, kale and truffle broth. Side of mashed potatoes and paired with a red wine.


3. Norwegian cheeses with Julies crispbread, compote of figs and dates. This course was paired with the most amazing plum liqueur I’ve ever tasted.


I tried asking where I could get this liqueur, and was told they actually brew it themselves! It was so good it even made bae regret he was driving that night.


4. White chocolate, raw cocoa and blood orange paired with a desert wine.

Any tips for taking better food photos are very welcome!

2017 V-Day look


Valentines day was such a good day! We spent the entire day together and ended it with the movie Fifty Shades Darker and a fancy dinner, and this is what I wore. Bae loves leopard prints, that is why I picked out this shirt from BikBok for our date. The blazer is from Top Shop. My watch is Guess and the bracelets are Victoria Secret. They were a gift from bae when he came home from Dubai last year. There are three bracelets and together they spell out “Love Me More”.


I just adore these Jeffrey Campbell shoes even though they are like big bricks on my tiny feet. Bae likes these too, he’s the one who picked them out for this outfit. But he is not super excited about how tall they make me though, haha! My favorite part of this outfit is my new Guess Luxe bag that bae brought back from Hungary as an early V-day present. It is so pretty!


The rest of this outfit I’ve shown you here already because I wore it for a birthday. Jacket is from H&M, jeans are Molly from Gina Tricot and scarf is from BikBok.

I hope you all had a great Valentines Day!

Wish: Long Sleeve Bodycon Bodysuit Romper Jumpsuit

Wish Wednesday!

One item that I have seen, and wanted, so many times from Wish ads all over the internet is the jumpsuit on the first picture below. So of course I had to order it! I knew that there was a big chance that this item might not be like the photo, and lots of reviews confirmed that. So I ordered two jumpsuits, but from different distributors. But, and this is kind of a big one, from the time I ordered until I received the jumpsuits both distributors had changed their ad photos from the first ones here to the second ones.

So I guess it goes without saying that I did not receive exactly what I wanted. The first jumpsuit came in 17 days and was 61NOK (7.28USD). I ordered it in small. It fits, but is a very bad fit. It is like it is sown as a square which makes it very tight vertically and too wide horizontally. Because of this the bottom part is totally up yours and gives both a wedgie and a cameltoe. I pulled the fabric down on this picture, but one small movement later and my whole ass was showing. The fabric is not the same as it appears in the original photo.

The second jumpsuit arrived in 24 days and was 70NOK (8.23USD). I ordered an XS. The fabric in this one is much better than the other one. It is much more stretchy so no cameltoe, but the bottom part is shaped more like a pantie than hot pants and the hot pants look was something I liked in the ad photo. I feel a lot less comfortable in this bottom design than I would in a hot pants. It does have a better fit than the grey one and is not sown the same way which is good. The fabric actually follows the curve of my back.

I bought these jumpsuits because it looked comfy, and still a little sexy in the photo, so I wanted to wear it at home or for lazy summer days. Even though the pink one does fit me okey I don’t think that I will wear it ever. Or I will wear it once because bae hasn’t seen it on yet. The grey one is useless though. I feel like I am wearing a baby onesie when I have it on.


In conclusion, this was not my best buys, haha! That’s the risk of shopping with Wish.

Happy Valentines Day

It’s February the 14th already, happy valentines day!

Seems like bae has the whole day planned, all I know is that we are going to see Fifty Shades Darker and go to dinner. Oh, and there is a room in the apartment I haven’t been allowed into since he was at the post office on Friday. I wonder why, haha. I am very excited about today, and I’ll be bringing my camera (and my new Guess purse) where ever we go.


Feel free to share your plans for today, and have a lovely day!


Doggiebag February ’17

I subscribe to something called Doggiebag, and on Wednesday my little friend got his first box of monthly surprises. I’m going to show you what was in it, but first I want to say a little something about Doggiebag for those who don’t know what it is. This is a Norwegian service, but most countries have similar boxes of monthly surprises.


Doggiebag is a monthly surprise box for dogs which contains 5 – 6 products such as toys, training snacks, treats, health related products and practical products. Earlier boxes I received for when I had my JRT contained things like shampoo, dog bags, organic treats and lots of toys. Doggiebag says on their website that they strive to find good quality products and try to send organic, natural and sugar free products as often as they can. They also make their boxes unique by not sending the same products twice, except for dog bags and other consumables. I pay 298NOK (35,82USD) every month, but the boxes and products are usually worth much more than that. Totally worth it!


Trying to get this little guy to post with the box wasn’t that easy because he was literally scared of it. He is skeptical to a lot of things. But I just know that after a few months he’ll be jumping with joy when he sees this green box. I forgot that this was coming actually so I bought treats earlier that same day. Now I have enough treats to last until next box arrives!


He was a lot more curious once I opened this box and he got to smell the goodies inside. The box contained a Kong Dynos squeaky plush toy, DeliBest DentaBone with salmon, Natures Menu wet food with turkey, Provit Lyophilized Turkey treats and Premio Sushi Twists. None of these treats contain preservatives and most are sugar free. So far our puppy seem to love the toy, sushi and DentaBone.


We are already looking forward to the next box!

Free food? I’ll buzz it!

This post contains sponsored products.

About Buzzador:

I’ve written a few posts about buzzador before, but haven’t really explained what it is. Basically it is a website where you register for free and can apply to test products for a distributor during their campaigns if you are chosen for it. After you have tried the product you “pay” with filling in your opinion about it in a form. Here is how buzzador explains it on their site:

Apply: Apply to the campaigns that you think suits you and cross your fingers that you will be one of the chosen buzzadors.

Test: Test the product/service yourself or together with your friends. Say that you are a buzzador and be honest.

Buzz: So, what do you think? Tell your friends and share in social media, write a review and answer questions.

It’s as simple as that! I’ve been a buzzador for 3 years and have gotten so many cool things to test. I can write a post telling you all the things I’ve been given if you’d like. Also let me know if you’d like an invitation to become a buzzador. Anyway, the latest campaign product I’ve been given is this:

Knorr dinner kits

For the past two days our dinners have been made with Knorr dinner kits. I received two kits, one was lasagna and the second one was enchiladas. The concept of these kits is that by following the step by step guide and only adding a few extra ingredients, like for example vegetables and meat, you’ll have a delicious, authentic meal in just 30 to 40 minutes. Included in the kits there are four ingredient bags that can contain spice mixes, tomato sauce, green curry pasta and so on.


First of all I’ve got to say that these dinners were incredibly good when it comes to taste. This is thanks to the bags of spice mixes. I have never tasted enchiladas before and was surprised at how easy it was to make. The step by step guides in these kits are very easy to follow and perfect for someone who don’t cook that often! However, I feel like I could make these dishes just as easily by following a recipe online. Maybe it wouldn’t taste as good, or it would be harder to make it as tasty because you’d have to mix the right spices, but there are online recipes for that too. I like to know everything in a dish and making my dinners “my own”. Even if the finished bags of spice mix and sauce makes the dish so much better I feel like it’s cheating somehow. And I don’t really want to pay 40-50NOK (5-6USD) for cheating on something so simple.

Don’t get me wrong, I do use other dinner kits when I want simple and quick meals, but usually I won’t have to add more than one or two ingredients and these are things I already have in my kitchen. For the Knorr Dinner Kits I’d have to add 5 ingredients extra for each dinner plus water. That means I’d have to go to the store anyway. The Knorr Dinner Kits also took a lot longer to make than the estimated time on the boxes. So these kits are not for me, but I know a lot of people who would benefit from using these. They could make dinner time a lot more fun and relaxed for some. The food is super tasty and as long as you can follow a step by step guide they are also super easy to make!


A few side notes: 220g of meat, which is what the lasagna recipe states, is very little for two people. Maybe it’s the suggested amount for daily intake or something, but bae and I used 400g and that was perfect to make us full, yet not too full. We would not be full at all with 220g. The enchilada dip would be perfect for dipping veggies!

#Buzzador #knorrmiddagskitbuzz #foodworthsharing

“A whole year more incrediblerer”

This is a very late post, but Saturday was so much fun! We celebrated the birthday of my twinnie, Torine, with gifts, drinks and clubbing at Glasshjørnet. She got such awesome gifts! I actually did not bring a gift and feel so ashamed, but she knows I love her. Gifts are such a nice gesture and I think that even though we are grown up we should still be giving gifts at birthdays. We should all be better at that, especially me.

Her main gift, that tree of her friends bought her together, was this awesome silk boxing set with her surname on the back of the shorts and robe. This is something she had actually wished for for a long time and she was so happy when she tried it on. Doesn’t it look super cute though?


Another one of her awesome gifts was the game Bean Boozled which we ended up playing that evening, and I won! Haha. It’s a game where you have lots of jelly beans in different colors, and one color has two flavors. One of the flavors is good and the other one is bad. Very bad. The pink one was either peach or vomit flavored. The people playing take turns in spinning the wheel and eating the color of jelly bean that the arrow points to. If you spit the bean out then you are out of the game. You can choose to not eat the jelly bean and you are out. The last one standing is the winner. So much fun! Especially since I won, haha. But everyone should play this game at least once!


Tonight we are all getting together to go to a quiz. Last time we were there we came in second to last. But we were only tree, today we are 6 – 7 people. Wish us luck!