Girls compete with each other.

Women empower one another.


These three ladies and I are coaching our teams with a course we call #teamTBbasic. We figured we’d do something fun, and still business related, together after the last course ended so a while back we had a photo shoot. We laughed a lot, and the pictures turned out great!


I love working with these beautiful and talented women. It never really feels like work and two days are never the same. The best thing about our little group is that we choose to work together. We are all independent business owners, but we choose each others as partners in “crime”. I am so thankful for the opportunities these ladies have shown me, and that I now can show to other people I choose to work with.


You can find this last picture, with tags, on my instagram. Some individuals of me from the shoot will be coming up shortly.

Have an inspirational day!

Instagram: Jeanettemarie

Snapchat: Jeanettemariea

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