Fashionable as well as functional – New favorite purse & must haves

I have been looking for the perfect everyday purse for some time now, and I finally found it a few weeks ago! It is big enough to fit all the documents I need for business presentations, and the notebook and planner that I always carry around with me. The purse was on sale at BikBok, such a bargain, and I would never imagine that I would find my new favorite purse in there! I just love it, and here I am wearing it to work before a night out with the girls. Am blogging this outfit later!dfghjklopø

But you all know there is more content in a girls purse than that! So I though I’d show you some of my purse must haves! After I started working as a Forever Business Owner I have gotten a few new favorite products that I always carry around. Like the Aloe Lips and Aloe Sun Lips. These are the best lip balms I know! And the Aloe Lips can even be used for insect bites, burns etc, just like having the aloe vera plant in my purse (just much more practical in a stick).

P1180090 (2)

I am a sucker for SPF therefore the Aloe Sun Lips and Aloe Sun Screen come with me wherever I go. I apply sun screen on my entire body everyday during summer, and on my friends. Sorry, not sorry at all! An other must have product of mine is Aloe Heat Lotion, it is perfect on sore feet from walking a lot or for a sore neck from sitting in front of the computer, or just anything that is sore really. I don’t know what I’d do without it! Of course I also have the essentials like hand sanitizer, tampons, keys, phone, ProX2 bars and a water bottle, or the shaker for my Forever Ultra Chocolate protein shakes.

You can find all these products here for Scandinavian readers and here for global readers.


The newest edition in my purse has opened a whole new world for me, a world of gorgeous ballerina shoes! I probably would newer have tried this product by myself, but I am a buzzador and got accepted for a Compeed Blister Plaster campaign so these were sent in the mail for me to test! And I am so glad I got to test them! I usually have problems wearing ballerina shoes because of my high wrists, but now that is no problem! The plasters are almost invisible too!

I don’t know if Buzzador is just a Scandinavian thing, but it is definitly worth checking out!

What are your purse must haves?

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