Bold and beautiful

It’s half a year too late, but this was my hair for Oslo Pride 2019 and I loved it! The colors are temporary so they started fading after a week, but for that one week they were so bright and beautiful. My hair is much shorter now, and I don’t miss the long, bleached hair, […]

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I got an Instax mini link for Christmas which is a polaroid printer for smart phones, and I love it! Need to buy some more film for it, but here are a few of the photos I’ve taken with friends and family during the holiday. Enjoy!

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Like last year we really went all in with the Halloween celebration at work. This year we were the nuns and we decorated the saloon with crosses, hot catholic priests, skulls and webs. After work we visited skrekkeparken in Skien and in Porsgrunn. Photos are unedited, taken with an iPhone X.

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I went to San Fransisco a few weeks back with my mom and little brother. Usually when going to the US I come home with a lot of shopping bags, but this time I mostly bought Christmas gifts. I did buy myself a dress from Nike and these goodies from G by Guess (the dress […]

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It’s August, the rain and cold has come and I am wearing jackets and scarfs again. The summer literally lasted one month this year, July. I seriously wore jackets and scarfs in June too. But July was truly magical though. Summer in Norway is just amazing when we get it right. Last year we bought […]

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Fight like a girl

I’m so in love with my new Fila shoes from Footlocker. Those crisp, white sneakers that I’m honestly afraid to wear outside. I just want them to stay this clean forever. The t-shirt is from Wish. Photos are unedited and taken with iPhone X.

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I said yes to the dress!

The search for my perfect wedding dress is over! I am so in love with the dress I chose and can not wait for it to be fitted so I can dance around in it waiting for the big day, and ofc wearing it on the big day. I actually ended up choosing a dress […]

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