Wish Wednesday #7

“Winter Autumn Dress Women 2016 Long Sleeve Sexy Party Black Knitted Dress Casual Bodycon Dress Vestidos Short Sweater Dresses” is such a pretty dress! I ordered this dress from the store Shopit on the 12th of January and it arrived on the 7th of March. That is 54 days and the longest I’ve waited for […]

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Wish Wednesday: tips

There are a few things I’ve learned when it comes to shopping from Wish. As you may know purchases off the app don’t always turn out the way you expected. To prevent total disappointment, and to make sure you get your item as cheap as possible (’cause that’s why we shop there) I have a […]

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Wish Wednesday #6

“Spring Winter Warm Fleece Puppy Dog Clothes Cute Anchor Hoodie Coat Pet Costumes Clothing for Dogs Pets Chihuahua XS – XL #3” is todays Wish product. We just love spoiling our puppy and because bae loves to spend time in the boat during summer we bought him some boat wear. I just now realized that […]

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Wish Wednesday #5

“Newest Sexy Red Suspenders Slim Bodycon Dresses Hip Packages Skirt Short Dresses” is the name of this dress in it’s ad. It is so ridiculously long like every other Wish ad name, but at least you should find it if you search for this. I ordered this dress in the color red and size small. […]

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Wish: Puppy Totoro winter coat

It’s Wish Wednesday! Yes, it’s a thing now. I’ve mostly bought things for myself on Wish, but when I saw all the cute dog and puppy stuff on there I couldn’t help myself but to order something for my little bichon. Or we couldn’t help ourselves. This adorable piece of puppy clothing cost us 32NOK […]

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Wish: Black Head Pore Strip

Recently I downloaded the app Wish and I’ve spent way to much time on it since. That app is addictive! And I can understand why it’s called Wish because I really do wish that the things I order off there end up looking exactly like the pictures. Haha. Risky business! I have already put in […]

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