#rf17 fashion

When at Roskilde I don’t really care too much about what I wear as long as it is comfy, warm and look okey. You see so much diversity at the festival that it doesn’t really matter what you wear because there is always someone who looks weirder, bolder, colder, warmer or crazier. But being festival […]

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Sports, beer & burgers

If you’re ever in Porsgrunn and want to enjoy beer, burgers and wings while watching football in a cosy atmosphere with friends, Brewers Sportsbar&Grill is a decent alternative. Don’t expect any service though. Norwegian review here.

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2017 V-Day Hike

We started our Valentines Day with a three hour hike in the forest. The sun was shining all day and it was such a perfect day for hiking. Our baby Bichon had so much fun and loved running free through the trees and snow. We chose to follow a track that neither one of us […]

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Four course feast at J&G

We chose to eat our Valentines Day dinner at Jacob&Gabriel in Skien. They have such great food! The portions are quite small though, or at least in the package course deals. We bought the four course dinner for 400NOK (48.07USD) each, and I had the beverage package too for 455NOK (54.70USD). I am not going […]

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Today is my big brothers birthday so I want to start this post by saying: ¬†Happy birthday, big bro! And congratulations on being seminar leader. Have an amazing day in the capitol and let’s dine together when you come home. Bae and I both have two brothers each and a few weeks ago we took […]

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Innside Manchester

A couple of weeks back my boyfriend and I spent a weekend in Manchester at the Innside Hotel. We actually landed in Liverpool and traveled by train and bus to Manchester. Even though it is a bit scary sometimes I love using public transportation when I’m in new places. It gives me a feel on […]

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