2017 V-Day Hike


We started our Valentines Day with a three hour hike in the forest. The sun was shining all day and it was such a perfect day for hiking. Our baby Bichon had so much fun and loved running free through the trees and snow.


We chose to follow a track that neither one of us had walked before that’s called Uræddløypa. It was so nice to discover new paths and viewpoints together. We are so lucky to have such beautiful nature all around us. It feels good to discover new places sometimes, and giving our puppy some extra exercise at the same time. He also got a lot of training when it comes to socializing with both dogs and people, and everyone we met on our hike were all so positive and nice. Only on hikes and on boats Norwegian people actually greet unknown people!


I am not used to bringing my camera around anymore, but it’s starting to feel more natural again. It’s especially nice that bae encourages it instead of getting embarrassed every time I take the camera out (except if I point it at his direction, haha). I used to love taking pictures and when doing it on our walk I realized how much I’ve missed it even though it was too cold to take a lot on the hike. It still made me want to get better at photography.

No matter where in the world you’re from, I’d like to know: Where’s your favorite hiking track?

Four course feast at J&G


We chose to eat our Valentines Day dinner at Jacob&Gabriel in Skien. They have such great food! The portions are quite small though, or at least in the package course deals. We bought the four course dinner for 400NOK (48.07USD) each, and I had the beverage package too for 455NOK (54.70USD).

I am not going to write much more about the food, but I brought my camera and tried taking nice pictures of it so I thought I’d share the courses with you. I love practicing taking photos, and photos of food is something I find challenging and fun. The first course was cod with pickled fennel and hollandaise with vanilla and saffron paired with white wine.


2. Veal shoulder with fried artichoke cream, beets, kale and truffle broth. Side of mashed potatoes and paired with a red wine.


3. Norwegian cheeses with Julies crispbread, compote of figs and dates. This course was paired with the most amazing plum liqueur I’ve ever tasted.


I tried asking where I could get this liqueur, and was told they actually brew it themselves! It was so good it even made bae regret he was driving that night.


4. White chocolate, raw cocoa and blood orange paired with a desert wine.

Any tips for taking better food photos are very welcome!


Today is my big brothers birthday so I want to start this post by saying:  Happy birthday, big bro! And congratulations on being seminar leader. Have an amazing day in the capitol and let’s dine together when you come home.


Bae and I both have two brothers each and a few weeks ago we took the two youngest on a hike with the puppies. There are great hiking areas almost right outside the door of my mothers house. There are actually great hiking areas right outside my door too, we are truly blessed to be surrounded by such beautiful nature.


This day we walked up a hill called Kjerkeåsen. On the top we made a campfire, had coffee and hot chocolate and grilled hot dogs. It was so nice to spend some time in fresh air with our brothers and doing something we don’t do that often. It was a long hike for the toddler though so bae had to carry him almost the entire way down. The sun also went down before we got to the bottom so we had to use the flashlights on our phones to see where we were walking, and to avoid falling on ice. It was still a great trip, and we all had lots of fun, but we’ll do it a bit earlier next time.


We were all so tired when we got home. It felt so good! I love hiking.

Innside Manchester

A couple of weeks back my boyfriend and I spent a weekend in Manchester at the Innside Hotel. We actually landed in Liverpool and traveled by train and bus to Manchester. Even though it is a bit scary sometimes I love using public transportation when I’m in new places. It gives me a feel on how it would be to live there. We did also try out uber for the first time though, genius.


We spent a lot of time at the hotel during our stay in Manchester. Of course we got to do some shopping, eating out and checking out the Manchester night life, but we both had the flu so we really needed a lot of time recovering in bed. You know how good your bed feels when you’re sick, right? Well, a hotel bed feels even better! And the sheets are fresh and clean every night.


The hotel was pretty nice too. I loved the colors in the room, and outside. It really stands out. Innside was just a short walk from the train station, and to the mall, and there were restaurants and nightclubs just around every other corner. Ordering room service was kinda pricey so we were very pleased with the location.


I probably should have taken some photos before we messed up our hotel room, but we both went straight for the bed every time we came in that door. And lets be honest, hotel rooms are neat for 5 minutes before you start unpacking and jumping on that bed. But I wanted to show you the room anyhow! I just loved this open bathroom solution, we both did. We even talked about wanting this kind of solution for our master bedroom one day. The glass door on the left is the shower and the black door next to it is a toilet.


My favorite part about the room was the mirror over the sink. It had built in light, perfect for doing makeup or taking selfies. A lot has happened in the past year and I haven’t had my mirror and lights up in my makeup room at home so it felt so good to finally do my makeup in great lighting again! The design of the mirror was so elegant and simple too, I just wanted to pack that thing down in my suitcase and bring it home with me.


Those of you who follow me on snapchat (@jeanettemariea) already know why we were in Manchester that weekend, but a post about it is coming up. Because it wouldn’t strike me as a first pick place for a weekend get away, but we are most definitely going back – he insists.

So for next time;

Any tips on things to see and do in Manchester?

I haven’t been everywhere, but it is on my list

Time to experience new things in new places! Tomorrow Raven and I are going to Spain too celebrate love. We are going to the wedding of some close friends of ours next weekend and though; Why not stay a week? So we will. I can’t wait!

I will not bring my computer, so if you’d like to keep getting updated feel free to follow me on instagram @jeanettemariea.

Picture from our last vacation to Hawaii.

What is your dream destination?