Self portrait

I am 28 years old, born in 1991. I love cats, but I’m allergic to cats and dogs. The dog I have is allergy friendly. I used to think I was complicated, but now with instagram and tiktok I see that I struggle with the same things as a lot of other people. Depression, anxiety, […]

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These photos are old as you can see by my long hair, but this is how I felt about getting out of bed today. Yesterday the lock down here in Norway got extended three more weeks and I don’t even feel sad, nor do I feel happy. I kinda feel tired even though I’m not. […]

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Lock down day 7

I don’t do well with big, unexpected changes. I always try to keep myself occupied and have made plans for what needs to be done the next few days. One of my best friends think I’m silly for not being able to just relax, and maybe I am. I am trying to get up before […]

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