Wish Wednesday #12

“White on Black King Queen Letters Outdoor Fashion Lovers ny Baseball Caps”


You’ve seen my Queen.-caps here and on instagram (@jeanettemarie), but I actually bought two capses and the other one is a King.-caps for bae. They look absolutely awesome on us, don’t you think? I payed 26NOK (3USD) for each and they arrived in 25 days.


I was surprised by the quality of these when they arrived. I was afraid that these were very thin in fabric and that the letters was printed on, but they are not! As you can see the letters are sown on nicely, and the fabric is also very thick. The quality is great. They are snap backs so when you order they only come in one size, and unfortunately that size is too big for me. It fits around my head of course because I can adjust that, but the top part is too big. I still love it though and I might even use it despite the fact that it is a bit too big.


These are perfect for couples photoshoots though. Or a great way to pick yourself up one day by reminding you that you’re the queen/king. I am looking forward to using these at the Roskilde Festival this summer.


Wish Wednesday #11

“Women Fashion Dress Sexy Sleeveless Backless Gold Velvet Dress Pleuche Dress S-5xl”.

I received this velvet, navy blue, xs dress in 18 days and payed 41NOK (4.82USD) for it. I usually don’t wear velvet, but this dress looked so good in the ad that I just couldn’t resist, and I’m glad I bought it! The quality seems to be good and the fabric is thick and soft. I haven’t worn it yet, just tried it on and so far I am very pleased! Looking forward to wearing it this summer.

The length of the dress is perfect and it does not slide up like the last dress I wrote about here. I am considering buying this is in more colors!


Wish Wednesday #10

Fashion Women’s Sexy Fishnet Pattern Pantyhose Tights Punk Stockings WIWU is one of my latest buys from Wish. You’ve all probably seen those pictures on instagram of the fishnet stockings + ripped jeans trend. I sure have and I love it! So of course I had to buy some stockings, and I am getting more!

These fishnet stockings came in three and a half week and I paid 9NOK (1USD) for them. The quality is very good, and they look fabulous under my vintage Lee shorts or my Zara ripped jeans. I am very happy with my purchase for that price! The only downside to these is that they have no feet. Instead the fabric is just kinda melted together in the ends of the legs. As long as I wear socks or shoes it doesn’t really matter, even though it feels a bit weird having my toes through fishnet.

Tips for reusing clothes

Invite your friends over for an exchange meet!


Today I had some girls over for lunch and I had everyone bring some clothes that they no longer use so that we could exchange. It was so much fun! We all got rid of some pieces and we all got something new to add to our wardrobes. It was like shopping, but without the spending. And more cosy!

Half the pieces that were left afterwards will be sent to The Philippines and the rest are sent to the thrift store, Fretex.

Wish Wednesday #7

“Winter Autumn Dress Women 2016 Long Sleeve Sexy Party Black Knitted Dress Casual Bodycon Dress Vestidos Short Sweater Dresses” is such a pretty dress!

I ordered this dress from the store Shopit on the 12th of January and it arrived on the 7th of March. That is 54 days and the longest I’ve waited for anything that I’ve ordered off Wish. I actually ordered this dress in black, but as you can see I received a grey one. I actually like the color so I’m not asking for a refund. I payed 35NOK (4USD) for this dress. The fit is perfect except for the length being a little bit too short. I am a very petite girl of 155cm (5’1feet) and this dress barely covers my butt after I’ve walked a few steps. I’d have to tape it if I want to wear it out, or use tights underneath.

I actually want to do a plus and minus on this dress because even though I want to love it, I just can’t. I think that is simply because of the length, but maybe a pros and cons could help anyone else who is thinking about buying this.

Perfect fit. + Good quality. Stretchy and soft fabric. + Very cheap. + Looks exactly like the ad photo.

 Too short.  Shipping took longer than expected.  Received the wrong color.

Wish Wednesday #6

“Spring Winter Warm Fleece Puppy Dog Clothes Cute Anchor Hoodie Coat Pet Costumes Clothing for Dogs Pets Chihuahua XS – XL #3” is todays Wish product.


We just love spoiling our puppy and because bae loves to spend time in the boat during summer we bought him some boat wear. I just now realized that it will probably be too hot for the little guy to wear this in the summer, haha! Maybe he can wear it after baths and in the evenings. He looks so adorable in this little hoodie!


The hoodie arrived in around 14 days. I paid 35NOK (4,14 USD) for it. I ordered it in XL and the color beige. The color is more white/off white, but I actually like that much better than the beige. The quality is great and the fabric is super, super soft!


As you can see on the pictures the original hoodie has some text under the anchor, but the one we received does not. I’m actually glad doesn’t. I think it looks cleaner without the text.

I am very pleased with this item! But I’ll have to point out that even though I ordered the color beige, the color I received is more white and the text on the back is missing. I was glad for both these things, and actually liked the item I received better than the one in the add! But I just want you to be aware that you don’t always get exactly what you order.