Wish Wednesday #6

“Spring Winter Warm Fleece Puppy Dog Clothes Cute Anchor Hoodie Coat Pet Costumes Clothing for Dogs Pets Chihuahua XS – XL #3” is todays Wish product.


We just love spoiling our puppy and because bae loves to spend time in the boat during summer we bought him some boat wear. I just now realized that it will probably be too hot for the little guy to wear this in the summer, haha! Maybe he can wear it after baths and in the evenings. He looks so adorable in this little hoodie!


The hoodie arrived in around 14 days. I paid 35NOK (4,14 USD) for it. I ordered it in XL and the color beige. The color is more white/off white, but I actually like that much better than the beige. The quality is great and the fabric is super, super soft!


As you can see on the pictures the original hoodie has some text under the anchor, but the one we received does not. I’m actually glad doesn’t. I think it looks cleaner without the text.

I am very pleased with this item! But I’ll have to point out that even though I ordered the color beige, the color I received is more white and the text on the back is missing. I was glad for both these things, and actually liked the item I received better than the one in the add! But I just want you to be aware that you don’t always get exactly what you order.

2017 V-Day Hike


We started our Valentines Day with a three hour hike in the forest. The sun was shining all day and it was such a perfect day for hiking. Our baby Bichon had so much fun and loved running free through the trees and snow.


We chose to follow a track that neither one of us had walked before that’s called Uræddløypa. It was so nice to discover new paths and viewpoints together. We are so lucky to have such beautiful nature all around us. It feels good to discover new places sometimes, and giving our puppy some extra exercise at the same time. He also got a lot of training when it comes to socializing with both dogs and people, and everyone we met on our hike were all so positive and nice. Only on hikes and on boats Norwegian people actually greet unknown people!


I am not used to bringing my camera around anymore, but it’s starting to feel more natural again. It’s especially nice that bae encourages it instead of getting embarrassed every time I take the camera out (except if I point it at his direction, haha). I used to love taking pictures and when doing it on our walk I realized how much I’ve missed it even though it was too cold to take a lot on the hike. It still made me want to get better at photography.

No matter where in the world you’re from, I’d like to know: Where’s your favorite hiking track?

Doggiebag February ’17

I subscribe to something called Doggiebag, and on Wednesday my little friend got his first box of monthly surprises. I’m going to show you what was in it, but first I want to say a little something about Doggiebag for those who don’t know what it is. This is a Norwegian service, but most countries have similar boxes of monthly surprises.


Doggiebag is a monthly surprise box for dogs which contains 5 – 6 products such as toys, training snacks, treats, health related products and practical products. Earlier boxes I received for when I had my JRT contained things like shampoo, dog bags, organic treats and lots of toys. Doggiebag says on their website that they strive to find good quality products and try to send organic, natural and sugar free products as often as they can. They also make their boxes unique by not sending the same products twice, except for dog bags and other consumables. I pay 298NOK (35,82USD) every month, but the boxes and products are usually worth much more than that. Totally worth it!


Trying to get this little guy to post with the box wasn’t that easy because he was literally scared of it. He is skeptical to a lot of things. But I just know that after a few months he’ll be jumping with joy when he sees this green box. I forgot that this was coming actually so I bought treats earlier that same day. Now I have enough treats to last until next box arrives!


He was a lot more curious once I opened this box and he got to smell the goodies inside. The box contained a Kong Dynos squeaky plush toy, DeliBest DentaBone with salmon, Natures Menu wet food with turkey, Provit Lyophilized Turkey treats and Premio Sushi Twists. None of these treats contain preservatives and most are sugar free. So far our puppy seem to love the toy, sushi and DentaBone.


We are already looking forward to the next box!

Wish: Puppy Totoro winter coat

It’s Wish Wednesday! Yes, it’s a thing now.

I’ve mostly bought things for myself on Wish, but when I saw all the cute dog and puppy stuff on there I couldn’t help myself but to order something for my little bichon. Or we couldn’t help ourselves. This adorable piece of puppy clothing cost us 32NOK (3.88 USD) including shipping. It came in 19 days.

As you can see on these pictures (original ones below) the one we got does not have the exact same color and pattern as the one in the ad, but it is still super cute. The fabric is so soft (I really mean aw, soooo soft!) and the quality is good. We ordered the XL one and it fit perfectly! Remember to always check the measurements and description on these before ordering.

We are so pleased with this purchase. It makes our adorable little friend even more adorable, and softer!


Today is my big brothers birthday so I want to start this post by saying:  Happy birthday, big bro! And congratulations on being seminar leader. Have an amazing day in the capitol and let’s dine together when you come home.


Bae and I both have two brothers each and a few weeks ago we took the two youngest on a hike with the puppies. There are great hiking areas almost right outside the door of my mothers house. There are actually great hiking areas right outside my door too, we are truly blessed to be surrounded by such beautiful nature.


This day we walked up a hill called Kjerkeåsen. On the top we made a campfire, had coffee and hot chocolate and grilled hot dogs. It was so nice to spend some time in fresh air with our brothers and doing something we don’t do that often. It was a long hike for the toddler though so bae had to carry him almost the entire way down. The sun also went down before we got to the bottom so we had to use the flashlights on our phones to see where we were walking, and to avoid falling on ice. It was still a great trip, and we all had lots of fun, but we’ll do it a bit earlier next time.


We were all so tired when we got home. It felt so good! I love hiking.

Our little bichon baby

A couple of days before Christmas bae came home from work with a Bichon Havanese puppy in his arms. The puppy had a gift bow on his collar.


Even though we have talked about both wanting to get a puppy I was pretty surprised when he brought this one home. I already knew this puppy, we both did. For two months before it moved in with us it was the puppy of someone we know. Unfortunately the previous owner got sick, and instead of selling or giving the puppy away to some strangers, she wanted us to have him. She knew that we wanted a puppy, we were so surprised and happy to get him and she is now happy to know that she can visit him whenever she wants.


Our little baby is a Bichon Havanese. I’ve had a puppy earlier, a Jack Russell Terrier. Before purchasing the JRT I read a lot about the breed, and that is why I ended up buying it. This time around I didn’t get the chance to read about the breed before taking the puppy home so I have been doing that lately. It is so interesting how different dog breeds are. Not just in size, color and fur, but also their abilities to learn and their social needs. Even though the JRT and the BH are similar in size they are such different breeds. It is also fascinating how the description of the breed actually fits our dog spot on.


This little guy is named Tassen. It is a very Norwegian dog name and it refers to something small and cute so it fits him. I call him bebe though, because he’s my little baby.

I used to be such a cat person. Since I was very young and until I was 18 years old I always had cats. My latest cat, Ping, stayed with my mom when I moved out as an 18 years old and he died a few years after that. I am allergic to both cats and dogs though, but I react much more to cats than dogs. The Bichon Havanese is allergy friendly so it is actually a breed that fits me very well. Oh, and it doesn’t need much outdoor exercise which also fits me very well. Even though I love to walk him and we have great hiking trails right outside our door, I don’t always want to go out during this freezing Norwegian winter.


I am so in love with this little creature. He has the darkest eyes, the softest paws and he loves to sleep in, just like me! I mean, isn’t he the cutest thing ever?

*typical puppy parent rhetorical question*