Tea. When people are upset, the cultural convention is to bring them hot beverages. 

-Sheldon Cooper, The Big Bang Theory. I used this quote on instagram (@jeanettemarie) too ’cause it is one of the few The Big Bang Theory quotes that has actually stuck with me.

I’ve had a weird day. I went to a meeting this morning that I thought would just be super chill. Yes, I do always get anxious before these kind of meetings or gatherings. I didn’t really know what I was going to, I didn’t know anyone and had never been there before, but I thought this one would be over quickly and painlessly.

That was until I suddenly realized that former events has affected me a lot more than I initially thought. Negatively. It has affected me so much negatively that I can’t even talk about it without tearing up. So that’s what I did, I cried. And of course it had to be in front of some total stranger before I could rush out of there and into baes arms. I hate crying in front of strangers.

Back to tea. I do believe that hot beverages does soothe a little, at least for a minute. So when I got home I was happy to taste these two new, organic Lipton teas that I got from Buzzador after being chosen for the campaign with Lipton. The teas I received are Earl Grey and Russian Grey.

Both bae and I agreed that Russian Grey is  our favorite of the two. They both taste like the original Earl Grey, but I feel that Russian Grey has a slightly sharper taste. It might be of lemon, I know that’s in there. I like lemon in tea, it gives a hint of freshness.

After hours of tea and the Norwegian series Bloggerne I’m now ready to go to the gym and let out some steam.

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Free food? I’ll buzz it!

This post contains sponsored products.

About Buzzador:

I’ve written a few posts about buzzador before, but haven’t really explained what it is. Basically it is a website where you register for free and can apply to test products for a distributor during their campaigns if you are chosen for it. After you have tried the product you “pay” with filling in your opinion about it in a form. Here is how buzzador explains it on their site:

Apply: Apply to the campaigns that you think suits you and cross your fingers that you will be one of the chosen buzzadors.

Test: Test the product/service yourself or together with your friends. Say that you are a buzzador and be honest.

Buzz: So, what do you think? Tell your friends and share in social media, write a review and answer questions.

It’s as simple as that! I’ve been a buzzador for 3 years and have gotten so many cool things to test. I can write a post telling you all the things I’ve been given if you’d like. Also let me know if you’d like an invitation to become a buzzador. Anyway, the latest campaign product I’ve been given is this:

Knorr dinner kits

For the past two days our dinners have been made with Knorr dinner kits. I received two kits, one was lasagna and the second one was enchiladas. The concept of these kits is that by following the step by step guide and only adding a few extra ingredients, like for example vegetables and meat, you’ll have a delicious, authentic meal in just 30 to 40 minutes. Included in the kits there are four ingredient bags that can contain spice mixes, tomato sauce, green curry pasta and so on.


First of all I’ve got to say that these dinners were incredibly good when it comes to taste. This is thanks to the bags of spice mixes. I have never tasted enchiladas before and was surprised at how easy it was to make. The step by step guides in these kits are very easy to follow and perfect for someone who don’t cook that often! However, I feel like I could make these dishes just as easily by following a recipe online. Maybe it wouldn’t taste as good, or it would be harder to make it as tasty because you’d have to mix the right spices, but there are online recipes for that too. I like to know everything in a dish and making my dinners “my own”. Even if the finished bags of spice mix and sauce makes the dish so much better I feel like it’s cheating somehow. And I don’t really want to pay 40-50NOK (5-6USD) for cheating on something so simple.

Don’t get me wrong, I do use other dinner kits when I want simple and quick meals, but usually I won’t have to add more than one or two ingredients and these are things I already have in my kitchen. For the Knorr Dinner Kits I’d have to add 5 ingredients extra for each dinner plus water. That means I’d have to go to the store anyway. The Knorr Dinner Kits also took a lot longer to make than the estimated time on the boxes. So these kits are not for me, but I know a lot of people who would benefit from using these. They could make dinner time a lot more fun and relaxed for some. The food is super tasty and as long as you can follow a step by step guide they are also super easy to make!


A few side notes: 220g of meat, which is what the lasagna recipe states, is very little for two people. Maybe it’s the suggested amount for daily intake or something, but bae and I used 400g and that was perfect to make us full, yet not too full. We would not be full at all with 220g. The enchilada dip would be perfect for dipping veggies!

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It’s a good day to be free

 This posts contains sponsored products.

The past two years I have become more aware of what I eat and drink, what supplements I take and so on. I have common allergies to pollen and dust. Ever since I was 13 years old I took allergy pills every single day. I took cortisone injections to the buttcheeks every spring. After changing my supplements I now haven’t taken a single allergy pill or injection in over 1,5 years!


That is amazing, and also a bit scary. It makes you wonder if my new diet “cured” my allergies, or if my old diet was somehow causing it. Or maybe it had nothing to do with my diet. Maybe I just grew out of the allergies. I don’t know, and I’m not looking for a debate. I just know I changed my diet and I feel that it really worked wonders for me!

I try to eat less lactose, gluten and sugar. The hardest part has been to cut down on the sugar. I love chocolate, cookies, cake and ice cream, but now I am much more aware of how much sugar I eat. And how it affects my skin.


Eating gluten, lactose and sugar free can be a challenge in our society. I am so thankful that I don’t have any intolerance! Trying out different products is expensive and often disappointing. You can imagine my excitement when buzzador told me they had a campaign with gluten free products from Schärs! I received two types of bread, Vital and Flerkorn (multigrain), one bag of Choco Chip Cookies and Maria buiscuits in the mail a week after, for free!


 I really like the bread Vital. I prefer toast and this one tastes just like “normal” bread when toasted. The only negative thing with these bread are the size. One bread was just enough for one breakfast for him and I.

Choco Chip Cookies are my favorite kind of cookies! And I think these from Schär must be one of the best gluten free chocolate chip cookies I’ve found! Thank you, Buzzador! Use button on the right to get to their page and check out if they have any campaigns that fit you!

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Fashionable as well as functional – New favorite purse & must haves

I have been looking for the perfect everyday purse for some time now, and I finally found it a few weeks ago! It is big enough to fit all the documents I need for business presentations, and the notebook and planner that I always carry around with me. The purse was on sale at BikBok, such a bargain, and I would never imagine that I would find my new favorite purse in there! I just love it, and here I am wearing it to work before a night out with the girls. Am blogging this outfit later!dfghjklopø

But you all know there is more content in a girls purse than that! So I though I’d show you some of my purse must haves! After I started working as a Forever Business Owner I have gotten a few new favorite products that I always carry around. Like the Aloe Lips and Aloe Sun Lips. These are the best lip balms I know! And the Aloe Lips can even be used for insect bites, burns etc, just like having the aloe vera plant in my purse (just much more practical in a stick).

P1180090 (2)

I am a sucker for SPF therefore the Aloe Sun Lips and Aloe Sun Screen come with me wherever I go. I apply sun screen on my entire body everyday during summer, and on my friends. Sorry, not sorry at all! An other must have product of mine is Aloe Heat Lotion, it is perfect on sore feet from walking a lot or for a sore neck from sitting in front of the computer, or just anything that is sore really. I don’t know what I’d do without it! Of course I also have the essentials like hand sanitizer, tampons, keys, phone, ProX2 bars and a water bottle, or the shaker for my Forever Ultra Chocolate protein shakes.

You can find all these products here for Scandinavian readers and here for global readers.


The newest edition in my purse has opened a whole new world for me, a world of gorgeous ballerina shoes! I probably would newer have tried this product by myself, but I am a buzzador and got accepted for a Compeed Blister Plaster campaign so these were sent in the mail for me to test! And I am so glad I got to test them! I usually have problems wearing ballerina shoes because of my high wrists, but now that is no problem! The plasters are almost invisible too!

I don’t know if Buzzador is just a Scandinavian thing, but it is definitly worth checking out!

What are your purse must haves?