DIY: Removing Shellac at home

Before I can show you my new manicure I though I’d show you how I removed the old one. First of all I have got to say that I just love shellac! It’s true that once you try shellac you never go back. I usually do my own shellac nails at home, but as I wrote in this post I was lucky enough to win a free shellac manicure at Studio Marichen.


I got that manicure on January 19th and these pictures were taken on February 23rd, that’s over a month later and the polish is still flawless! Or not completely flawless, there was one tiny chip on my right forefinger and, as you can see, lost of regrowth! Even though the polish is still intact, that regrowth makes the manicure not so sexy anymore. And yes, I was too lazy to remove the polish sooner.


But I did remove it at home on the 23rd, and here’s how I did it! At first I got out everything that I needed including coffee, water and the television remote because you’ll be sitting for a while with your hands “tied”. I used a nail polish remover with acetone (this is important), cotton pads, aluminum foil and a pair of scissors. I also had my CND flat oval brush and a nail file ready to scrape off polish and file down the nails afterwards.


Now that everything is in place let’s go through this step by step:

  1. Cut out pieces of aluminum foil big enough to wrap your fingertips in.
  2. You can probably cut the cotton pads in half for this step. I didn’t think about that until after I started, but that will save you lots of pads. Anyway, this is where you add nail polish remover to the pads. You should soak them a little, but not too much because it will run.
  3. Wrap the soaked cotton pads over your fingernails and seal them with aluminum foil.


4. Wait 10 minutes. This is why I had the coffee and television remote ready! You can’t use touch screens with aluminum foil on your fingertips you know. But drinking chococino with caramel while watching Modern Family is perfect while waiting for the shellac to soften.


5. Remove the pad and aluminum on one nail and scrape the shellac off. Continue on the next finger and so on, one by one until they’re all uncovered.


6. File down any excess shellac left on the nail (use a buffer if you have one). Now they are ready for a new manicure!



Nothing ruins a perfectly good day faster than a broken nail

This quote could not be more accurate. There is nothing more annoying than a broken nail that gets caught in your hair, in your clothes, in your pets fur or anything else that it could possibly get caught in. The most annoying part is that when I have a broken nail it is always when my nails are finally nice and long. Usually I have been forced to cut all my nails down when one of them breaks, and that is just equally sad every time. But I decided to try out the tea bag method for broken nails, and it really works!


To fix my broken nail I used a small piece of paper cut out of a tea bag, tweezers and shellac. I started prepping the nail by removing oil, pushing my cuticle back and filing the nail before applying one coat of CND Shellac Power Polish Base Coat. Without hardening the base coat I gently put the tea bag paper piece over the rip. My broken nail of course had to be on my right hand and I am just terrible with my left so placing this piece was harder than I imagined, haha!


After placing the tea bag paper piece I applied an other layer of base coat and then hardened the shellac. The picture underneath is taken after hardening the base coat. I then could just file off the excess paper and manicure my nails as usual, without having to cut them all down!


I am glad i decided to try this. It was much easier than I thought! If you don’t have shellac there is lots of tutorials on this using nail glue or regular nail polish online.

May your nails be merry and bright!

Some days my biggest accomplishment is removing that annoying lip hair

Many years ago when I started blogging I loved to do lip art and post lip photos when I had new lipsticks or lipglosses. I got a new lipgloss for Christmas last year, but it took me a while until I tried it on. When I did I decided to take a few photos and maybe write a post about it here. But when looking at those photos I remembered why I stopped posting those lip photos a long time ago, and I waxed my upper lip a few days later for the first time in years. Words and comments can be so hurtful, especially when you’re young. I am glad that we grow up and learn all the awful truths about things that are taboo when we’re young. Things like periods, birth control and body – and facial hair. The truth’s that we all have it, we all need it and we all remove it. So before sharing a post about my new lipgloss I thought I’d share my hair removal routine with you.


I use the black head removal mask while epilating my legs and armpits, plucking my eyebrows and waxing my upper lip. I apply the Aloe Vera Gelly to soothe the skin wherever I’ve removed hair and as a moisturizing mask to calm the skin in my face. Removing my own body hair is seriously one of the most boring things I can do. I hope I’m not alone in feeling like this. It’s weird, but doing it for friends and costumers is so totally different than having to do it for myself. I loved it when we were in school and had to practice on each other, I didn’t have to remove my own hair for months ’cause my classmates did it for me. It’s been five or six years since I last owned a razor. Now I only use wax, an epilator and tweezers. Boring and painful, but what won’t we do to stay smooth. I go to a salon once a month for intimate hair removal though. That is too much pain to inflict on ones self so I let Olga at Studio Marichen inflict it on me instead. She is the best thought, I’ve been seeing her for years and can totally recommend her.


I’m glad that’s over for now! Only a month until next time.. The picture is taken before I started, and yes, I need to trim that side cut too.

Have a nice weekend!

Spoil yourself today

I have!


There are a lot of facebook page competitions going on all the time and I do enter a few every now and then. That’s normal, we all do that! Right? Anyway, I have now won my second competition in a year, yay! The first one was a free membership to SkyFitness. Last week I won Studio Marichens competition and my prize was two hours of pampering that I scheduled for this morning.

I have been a wax costumer of Olga at Studio Marichen for years, but today I had two other lovely ladies working on my shine. At first hair dresser Carolyne cured my hair, gave me a delicious massage and a blow out. Then nail designer Sylwia gave me the cutest shellac manicure. I chose the colors myself and it turned out so amazingly cute! I just had to take a bunch of photos of it.

Thank you, Studio Marichen!