Self portrait

I am 28 years old, born in 1991. I love cats, but I’m allergic to cats and dogs. The dog I have is allergy friendly. I used to think I was complicated, but now with instagram and tiktok I see that I struggle with the same things as a lot of other people. Depression, anxiety, […]

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Bold and beautiful

It’s half a year too late, but this was my hair for Oslo Pride 2019 and I loved it! The colors are temporary so they started fading after a week, but for that one week they were so bright and beautiful. My hair is much shorter now, and I don’t miss the long, bleached hair, […]

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I said yes to the dress!

The search for my perfect wedding dress is over! I am so in love with the dress I chose and can not wait for it to be fitted so I can dance around in it waiting for the big day, and ofc wearing it on the big day. I actually ended up choosing a dress […]

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It’s gonna be May

May made me want to paint my nails bright pink. They are so pretty. May is such a busy month with birthdays, confirmations, Norways independents day, the yearly volleyball tournament in my town and a lot of work. It’s going to be an eventful month, and even though that stresses me out a wee bit […]

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Buzzador: #Garnierfamily

Buzzador keeps blowing me away with their campaigns! Lately they had a campaign for Samsung tvs and gave people tvs to try out for a month. I didn’t apply for that one because we’d be too tempted to buy the tv after that free month, haha. But I did apply for a campaign with Garnier […]

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Wish Wednesday #13

“1pcs Multi Color Waterproof Women Makeup Peel-off Lip Gloss Liquid Tint Lasts For 24h Moisturizing Lipstick” Okey, so I usually do not order makeup or skin care products off Wish, but I did buy a mask earlier and I also could not resist trying out this lip stain after seeing it so many times on facebook […]

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