One day in Makarska just to take pictures in a pool, with a unicorn float, for Instagram

Here’s an other draft from 2018 with photos from beautiful Croatia on the 12th day of lock down! I have no idea why this didn’t get posted, but here it is and it just makes me miss summer even more.

And to visit a few family members. And also do super stupid things like a crazy ufo ride with the boys. I got off the ufo and into the boat after two of the guys had fallen out the first time. One of whom was my fiancĂ© and he’s the only one I had to beat! I really did not want to be thrown out of that ring and into the water.

We actually took the bus from Dubrovnik to Makarska in the morning and then from Makarska to Split in the evening. The bus tickets were cheap and they were easy to buy online, and once at the station our buses were not hard to find. Just remember to have your passport ready when traveling from Dubrovnik because you drive through Bosnia and there are passport controls when entering and leaving the country. You don’t want to be the person everyone on the bus has to wait for because you put your passport in the suitcase!

One day by the pool at a resort was so refreshing after a week with sightseeing and swimming in the salty Adriatic Sea, and the Makarska Riviera is filled with relaxing resorts.

Have you been to Makarska?

What’s your favorite place for a relaxing holiday?

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