Photo memories: Sunset Beach Dubrovnik'18

Being in lock down really gives me time to go through old drafts and I found this from 2018. These are photos from our vacation to beautiful Croatia. This is from Sunset Beach in Dubrovnik and we rented an apartment just a five minute walk away from the beach. I actually have a travel tip when it comes to this beach. Beaches in Croatia are not sand, but rock bottom so we preferred to jump into the water instead of walking. So here we didn’t actually stay on the beach, but at the beach bar right next to it. They had sunbeds close to the water as you can see in the photos, but we used the sofas in the middle. Why? All the sunbeds both on the beach or by the bar had to be rented and were quite expensive, but the sofas were free as long as we bought something. We were on vacation so of course we bought lots of drinks anyway!

We rented a very simple apartment at Villa Franovic and really recommend the location. It had the beach, hiking possibilities, food stores and restaurants so close, and everything was a lot cheaper than if we got closer to the old town. Going to the old town was super easy and cheap with the bus. We also walked there, but it took around 45 minutes to an hour. We didn’t have a kitchen in the apartment so the first picture here was taken during breakfast at a hotel that was on the beach. I’m looking out at the clear blue water in this photo and we went straight from breakfast to the beach bar.

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