Last summer in a boat

A little over a year ago we bought a boat. So last summer there were no charter tours to Mallorca, no adventures in Croatia or long walks on white beaches in the Philippines. Yet we had such a lovely vacation on our fancy boat just cruising around close to home. I’ve been saying I want to see more of Norway for a long time, and last year I got to see a side of it that I’m not used to. This country is truly beautiful, and I just love being able to stay so close to nature. We found an islet to dock our boat and would just camp out there, sitting on the rocks, looking over at the city lights far away and listen to the silence at night. The gentle sound of waves and birds surrounded us and it gives such a peaceful feeling. Having our own boat really is such a luxury and I love the freedom that comes with it. But having a boat is expensive, especially when we can only use it for about three weeks in the summer so this summer will be different. Hopefully this is the summer I visit Bergen for the first time, and maybe get to sleep in a tree top hut! I can’t wait for summer, and hope that the world is safer by then.

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