It’s August, the rain and cold has come and I am wearing jackets and scarfs again. The summer literally lasted one month this year, July. I seriously wore jackets and scarfs in June too.

But July was truly magical though. Summer in Norway is just amazing when we get it right. Last year we bought a boat so we had a boat this year. Having a boat in Norway during summer is ridiculously luxurious. The freedom of traveling to islands and islets where you find few to no people, that is the new luxury vacation. No tourists to complain about, no one trying to sell you food, drinks or souvenirs around every corner and no fancy looking coconut drinks you paid way too much for and that tastes like cheap rum. And only rum.

This years vacation was all about being content with not traveling that far, which was new to me, but I liked it. I liked knowing I could go home if the weather turned bad. I liked being in nature, acting like a child and fishing for tiny crabs. I liked knowing what my beverages tasted like, because it was all Capri-sun, Fanta and beer. I liked not having to stand and walk in lines or through crowds to get where I wanted. Of course we weren’t completely alone on the islet we chose at all time. We were most of the time actually, but not all the time. But summer and the boat life does something to the otherwise so cold Norwegian people (read: us). One night a bunch of kids had a beach party just 50 meters from where we camped and not once were we annoyed with the loud music or chatter. These kids wanted to party on an islet, we weren’t going to get in their way. Especially since summer in Norway only lasts for one single month, that humbles you.

Swimsuit is from Brandy J

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