My devilish night out

My Halloween makeup this year was a bit devilish! It’s kinda funny because the night before I had no clue what I was going to do this year, but when I went to bed this devilish voice inside me said “horns, do horns!”. And I did! I made the horns with liquid latex and cotton that I found inside one of my dogs toys, obs. The horns definitely were not perfect. They’re different in size and one is placed higher than the other, but somehow that didn’t bother me. To add some color I used the eyeshadow shades “sexy” and “serious” from the Nudetude palette and the Ben Nye Master Bruise Wheel. I had a lot of fun doing this makeup, and it took a lot less time than I thought. What actually took the longest time was waiting for the latex to dry, haha! It all stayed on all day, and actually got creepier throughout the day, until I had to cut the horns off because I put latex in my hairline.

In the evening a friend and I went over to her neighbors house which was made into a house of horror for the night. It was awesome! I have so much respect for people who creates something just to share it with others and make people happy, or actually scared in this case. This guy just opened up his backyard and basement for everyone who wanted to come, and he had actors everywhere being creepy in amazing costumes. The set up was perfect and there was even food, cake, mineral water in bottles marked spider venom and poison, boxes of grossness that you had to put your hand into to earn some free candy and a foggy graveyard. The most awesome thing about it all is that he does it all, gives so many people a memorable Halloween night, for free!

Oh, and I made it in the local newspaper twice on the week of Halloween!

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