Dubrovnik Old Town

Every year I try to travel to at least one country I have never been to before. This summer that country was Croatia. For years now people have been telling me so many stories about this beautiful country. Because of this, and the fact that we weren’t looking to spend a fortune on plane tickets, the choice was easy.

We filled our vacation with sightseeing, hiking, sun bathing, shopping and actually visited some family members who were also on vacation in Croatia. We decided to spend one week in Dubrovnik and then one week in Split which was pretty perfect for us. Dubrovnik and it’s old town was without a doubt the most memorable place we visited. We did do a little research before we got there so we managed to avoid doing our sightseeing on the most crowded or hottest times of day. We also spent very little time waiting in queues or lines of tourists. You might risk standing, or walking, in line for hours without shelter from the sun when visiting the walls of Dubrovnik.

We got there right after they opened in the morning and it was just perfect. Walking the walls of Dubrovnik’s old town is a must when visiting this charming city. We decided to walk by ourselves, without a guide, so we could walk in our own pace and really take it all in. Old town is truly a remarkable place. But we did walk by, in front of and behind some guided groups so you really can’t help but learn some history too. We actually learnt a few things about the filming of GOT because the scenes in Kings Landing are filmed in Dubrovnik, and a lot of guides offer GOT themed tours.

When we started our walk on the walls I noticed a cat just lying in the middle of the pathway. It seemed sick or exhausted and wouldn’t move, and all of the tourists just walked past, or over, him. The pathway is not wide and everyone who walk the walls have to walk in the same direction so obviously a whole lot of people just ignored this poor cat. I couldn’t walk past without at least giving it some water and I made a small puddle in the stone floor for it to drink from. And it actually got up and slowly crawled over and drank like it hadn’t had any water for days. I don’t really know why I’m writing this, but I guess it’s just because that cat stuck in my head for a while. It might have been injured and gone up to the walls at night when it was dark and quiet to die. Or maybe it was just dehydrated and hopefully my water helped him back on his feet. I hope it did. Would you have shared your water?

Walking the wall in the middle of July was pretty hot and tiring, so too cool down and rest our feet we made it our mission to find a beach bar almost hidden in the cliffs through the walls. The bar is called Buza Bar and it’s location is stunning. The entry is a small hole in the wall with a staircase that does not really look special at all. But when you get at the end of that narrow staircase you see a cute beach bar with tables in different levels scattered around the cliffs in the area. Here we could order a drink, rest our feet and bathe from the cliffs. This is also where he proposed and we got engaged, hihi!

The tickets you get when you walk the walls are also valid on a few other sights around the old town, like Fort Livrijenac. So make sure to visit that too, this is where we got most of the GOT facts! There were so many GOT guides walking around when we were there and we also googled some facts because that’s how geeky we are.

We actually also visited a museum called Love Stories Museum. It was a museum with lots of love stories through history, from legends, real life or movies. We pinned a heart with our names on to their wall of hearts. And then we rushed out of there because the museum had no restrooms.

I really recommend visiting Dubrovnik’s old town, it’s such a stunning place! But be aware that the prices are high in and around the old town. It is many times higher than in other cities in Croatia. We ate the most expensive meal we have ever shared together at Dubrovnik’s finest restaurant, Nautika. Keeping in mind that we live in Norway and have dined together in fine restaurants before, I am sure you can imagine that this was one expensive meal.

I do not recommend staying in the old town because of the prices and also because of all the tourists. We stayed in an apartment called Villa Franovic in a local neighborhood near Sunset Beach and walked or took the bus to get to old town. If you plan your trip well you could also stay in another city and take a bus into Dubrovnik for a day. The buses are cheap and you can easily buy tickets online.

Have you visited Dubrovnik?

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