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On Friday I gathered some of my girls for dinner and drinks to celebrate my 27th birthday. We enjoyed a three course meal at Jacob & Gabriel Restaurant, and someone actually commented that it was great seeing a group of such young girls at a fancy restaurant. Haha, we took that as a huge compliment!

The end of the night is one big blurr and one of the reasons is this strawberry gin tonic in a glass the size of my head!

My jeans are Molly from Gina Tricot, bought with a Nelly.com gift card I won through Buzzador and Fjordland Smoothie Bowls.

Icewatch sent me this gorgeous sky blue watch and I am in love with it! Thank you, icewatch and peersway! #icewatch #icewatchyourtime #changeyoucan

And thank you so much, gorgeous ladies, for an amazing night out!

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