Instagram #inspo

Instagram is the social media I use the most. I might not post that often, but I check instagram several times a day for updates and inspiration. I follow a lot of different accounts that posts everything from fashion, fitness, makeup and travel to the daily life of my friends and family.

Sometimes I come across accounts that I feel deserve some extra attention, and I thought I’d share three of these with you today! These are all gorgeous Norwegian girls that I am lucky enough to know.


Tiril is such a beauty! We actually go way back from when I first started blogging and became acquainted through our blogs. It is safe to say we became blog friends, and I actually sent her a Christmas present one year as a thank you for being an inspiration. She takes such gorgeous photos that even after all these years I still love following her.


Silje is such a goodhearted, stylish young lady! She has been my friend for some time now, and is my former colleague and boss. I truly look up to this bad ass boss lady. Her instagram account is so colorful and dreamy, and I love how she captures beauty in every frame even with the simplest of motifs.


I actually just met Celine last week and found her instagram account later that day. She is the girlfriend of a friend of mine, but I met her at work. When I got off work I started browsing on instagram as usual and my friend had posted a picture of Celine so I checked her account and loved it! Naturally I pressed follow. Then suddenly felt a bit stalkerish, haha! Her account is filled with beautiful photos from her life and travels.

I love finding new inspiring, beautiful or funny accounts on instagram. Feel free to share your favorite accounts, or your own account, in the comment section!

Who is your favorite instagrammer?

What is your instagram username?

Mine is @jeanettemarie

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