Stone Town, Zanzibar

Late November I got a text from a friend called Stephanie, whom I had not seen in ten years. She had been planning a trip to beautiful Zanzibar with a friend, but her friend had to cancel just a week before departure so she asked me to come with her.  The funny thing is I was totally free that week, and had already cleared my schedule for the weekend in question for a Christmas party that was cancelled. Because of this, and that the plane tickets were actually quite cheap, I found no excuse to stay home. I really wanted to go too ofc, haha! And I am so glad I did!

Dress: Local shop in Stone Town

After I arrived in Zanzibar we spent a few days in Stone Town which is the old part of Zanzibar city. Stone Town is such a charming town with it’s narrow streets, night market with exotic foods, smiles on everyone’s faces and lots of small souvenir shops. You will not find any Zara’s or Pull&Bear’s in Stone Town, only local shops.

There is also cats everywhere. There are so many cats, I swear, and I love cats. And I’m allergic to cats, still I have a cat tattoo because I just love cats. But, when there are cats everywhere and nobody are petting them, it makes you scared to pet them, right? I didn’t pet any of the cats on the streets obviously. But, the last day a local man showed us his beautiful cat with her adorable kittens, and I just had to pet them. Look how cute they are! I also learned that the cats are kept to kill rats.


Shirt/tunic: H&M | Shoes: Converse All Star bought at the Roskilde Festival

We spent the second part of our vacation in a beautiful beach resort, and we took so many photos. There is not much more to do in a beach resort than get tan and take photos, haha! I will tell you more about that, and show you some of the photos later. Some of them can be found on my instagram: @jeanettemarie.

If you want to read about the hotels we stayed at in Zanzibar, reviews will be up on Stephanies blog,, soon.


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