Buzzador: #Garnierfamily


Buzzador keeps blowing me away with their campaigns! Lately they had a campaign for Samsung tvs and gave people tvs to try out for a month. I didn’t apply for that one because we’d be too tempted to buy the tv after that free month, haha. But I did apply for a campaign with Garnier and the amount of products they sent me is epic! I haven’t even tried all of it properly because I believe you need time when testing skin care products.

The products I have tried are

  • Garnier SkinActive Gel Wash, Green Tea. I’ve tried using this every evening to cleanse my face. You need a very small amount of product and your face feels so clean afterwards. It has a stronger scent than I’d prefer, but I like it.
  • Garnier SkinActive Day Cream, Green Tea. This day cream feels good. It has the same smell as the gel wash so my puppy just loves licking it off my face, haha. I wear sun screen cream every day in the summer so this day cream is okey underneath, but would probably be too thin for me in the winter.
  • Garnier Ambre Solaire Hydrating face protection mist, SPF 50. I only tried this a few times at the beach, but then I read some reviews saying it is perfect even when wearing makeup. SPF is so important and being able to apply SPF on my face without ruining my makeup? I love it!
  • Garnier SkinActive Micellar Cleansing Water. This is a no rinsing cleansing water that feels oily and hydrating to the skin. It has a very mild smell. The thing is I don’t feel clean without rinsing so I rinse this off. It would probably be perfect to have in the nightstand with some cotton pads for people who forget to cleanse before bed!
  • Garnier SkinActive Micellar Cleansing Wipes. Wipes are not really a skin care therapists best friend, but I must admit I have used this to remove my makeup a few times when coming home from a night out. They don’t get all the makeup so I usually rinse well with water afterwards, but they feel mild to the skin and have a discreet scent.


I also got these products, but haven’t had the chance to try them yet.

  • Garnier Skinactive Micellar Gel Wash. Haven’t tried because I am testing the gel wash with green tea, but this has a much milder smell – smells the same as the other Micellar products.
  • Garnier Respons Shampoo + Conditioner, Mythic Olive. I only wash my hair twice a week and now that I’ve bleached it I only use blue shampoo. I will test this in August when I go on vacation, it smells great.
  • Garnier SkinActive Day Cream, Aloe Vera. Haven’t tried because I am testing the day cream with green tea, and because my regular day cream is an aloe vera one. That one also has a higher content of aloe vera than this one does. Honestly I think they should have sent one day cream and one night cream instead of two day creams, but I am not complaining. I do need a night cream though, haha.


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