#rf17 fashion


When at Roskilde I don’t really care too much about what I wear as long as it is comfy, warm and look okey. You see so much diversity at the festival that it doesn’t really matter what you wear because there is always someone who looks weirder, bolder, colder, warmer or crazier. But being festival fashionable can be tricky at the Roskilde Festival. Denmark is pretty windy and this year it was a bit wet the two last days too. The sun was pretty strong though so whenever it dominated we did get really hot. These three photos show how my outfit changed during the last day. We had already taken down our tent and packed the car so I layered up to be ready for whatever weather was coming our way.


We actually were really lucky with the weather that day. The morning was a bit cool and wet so my raincoat from Only and boots were the obvious choice, and my H&M scarf and vintage episode sweater (that I bought at the festival in 2011 or 2012) kept me warm. The temperature rose during the afternoon letting me reveal my oh so stylish wool underwear sweater, haha! I freeze easily so we actually had to go into town and buy wool underwear earlier that week because of the cold wind. I ended up with a winter set from Helly Hansen, and I did not regret it one second! So comfy and warm, I love it.


That evening was just amazing though. A few minutes before Ice Cube entered the Orange scene the sun started shining and set a magical mood to the concert. It got too hot for wool so I had to change into a Roskilde t-shirt I bought just an hour earlier. It was the perfect end to a great festival!

Caps and jeans are from H&M.

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