Makeup Monday: No makeup vs No makeup-makeup

The no makeup-makeup trend is back again this spring. I read an article about this trend just a few days ago, and then remembered that it was a trend last spring too. When I googled I found articles with dates from every year for at least ten years back about this look being a trend. So I’m not really sure I’d want to call this a trend. I think the no makeup-makeup is a go to for a lot of us in our daily lives. It’s no secret that most of us feel a little bit better with some makeup on than without it. Some days even filling in the brows is enough to have us feeling ready to face the world instead of hiding at home with some Netflix series on for hours.

When I do this look I always use a tinted moisturizer, a BB creme or a little bit of foundation to even out the color in my face and to conceal imperfections slightly. The key to the no makeup-makeup look is to apply a small amount of each product. You can look more natural when applying small amounts of 8 – 10 products than when applying big amounts of 2 – 3 products, so be sparse. I usually apply both rouge and bronzer to this look to give the face some life and dept after flattening it out with BB creme. I always fill in my brows when applying makeup. I think it’s because of all the focus there has been on brows the past few years. No makeup feels complete without filling in the brows. Sometimes I add a little bit of mascara and a lip gloss or lip balm with some color to this look, but I didn’t do that here.


No makeup


No makeup – Makeup


Products I used:

Anastasia Beverly Hills Dip Brow Pomade in Chocolate

Flawless by Sonya (Forever Living Products): Aloe BB Creme in Sandy, Aloe Mineral Makeup in Natural , Delicate Finishing Powder in Dark, Brilliant Blush in Sofia and Layla.

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