Wish Wednesday #13

“1pcs Multi Color Waterproof Women Makeup Peel-off Lip Gloss Liquid Tint Lasts For 24h Moisturizing Lipstick”


Okey, so I usually do not order makeup or skin care products off Wish, but I did buy a mask earlier and I also could not resist trying out this lip stain after seeing it so many times on facebook and instagram. I had actually forgotten that I ordered this one when bae, @snj220, suddenly brought it in. I ordered it on the 10th of March so it took almost 50 days for it to arrive. That is the longest time I have waited for an order from Wish.


I payed 9NOK (1,05USD) for this lip tint in the color Cherry Red which was the darkest red I could choose. The tube says “Romantic Bear” so I’m guessing that is the brand(?). Like everything else from Wish it came in a bubble wrap envelope. There was nothing else inside the envelope, but there is a picture guide in the ad on how to use the tint. The lip tint had no packaging nor sealing.

The actual lip tint liquid was thicker than I thought which is good because it doesn’t run when you’re trying to apply it. On the other hand it was so thick that it was difficult to apply evenly. This is something that will probably get easier after I’ve been applying it a few times. I made sure to exfoliate and moisturize my lips before applying the tint. The tint might set a bit better if you moisturize after you’ve used it so I’ll try that next time. But do not be fooled by the ad text, this is a tint – It will in no way moisturize your lips. I use this to keep my lips moist.


What the ad did not tell me was for how long I was supposed to leave the tint on my lips, so I just left it there while doing some chores, haha. I think it might have been for about 10 – 15 minutes, but I am pretty sure I could have taken it off sooner. It doesn’t take too long to dry, and it doesn’t dry hard or feel hard when dried.

Peeling it off was so easy! When I first tried to find a piece too hold on to I thought I’d have to peel the thing off in flakes, but the entire thing just came off in one drag super easily. It did get a little stuck to two of my hairs under my lower lip, but other than that there were no pain or feeling off stretching the skin. Some off you may have seen the video when I peeled it off on my instagram story @jeanettemarie.


As you can see some tint transferred to my teeth so I had to clean that up. I just rinsed my mouth and lips with water and used some paper on the inside of my lips where there was a lot of undried tint. If you try this then be careful with getting tint on your fingers, the color sticks pretty good there too. Even though I washed my lips with water right after tinting them the color held up pretty good. Before putting on moisturizer I even rubbed my lips with a cotton pad to see if the color would transfer, and as you can see it barely did! Do have a moisturizer ready though, my lips felt really dry at this point.

I love this color, and I’m so glad that I went for the darkest one. My face tends to swallow up a lot of color so when I use colors they need to be bright, dark or very pigmented. @snj220 also loved this tint because it didn’t look like I had lipstick on he said. He said it looked more natural and not like I had layers of product on my lips, which he liked. The color looks kind of spotted in this picture though, but it really wasn’t. It might be because this was before I moisturized my lips, they looked quite smooth after, but then the color also transferred more.


The color stayed on for a long time even after drinking and eating. It stayed until I washed my face at night actually! And there was also residue on the towel when I washed my face in the morning. This is probably because I didn’t wash my face well enough before I went to bed, but it still says something about the hold of this tint. And I am sick and lazy so please don’t judge, haha.


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