Wish Wednesday #12

“White on Black King Queen Letters Outdoor Fashion Lovers ny Baseball Caps”


You’ve seen my Queen.-caps here and on instagram (@jeanettemarie), but I actually bought two capses and the other one is a King.-caps for bae. They look absolutely awesome on us, don’t you think? I payed 26NOK (3USD) for each and they arrived in 25 days.


I was surprised by the quality of these when they arrived. I was afraid that these were very thin in fabric and that the letters was printed on, but they are not! As you can see the letters are sown on nicely, and the fabric is also very thick. The quality is great. They are snap backs so when you order they only come in one size, and unfortunately that size is too big for me. It fits around my head of course because I can adjust that, but the top part is too big. I still love it though and I might even use it despite the fact that it is a bit too big.


These are perfect for couples photoshoots though. Or a great way to pick yourself up one day by reminding you that you’re the queen/king. I am looking forward to using these at the Roskilde Festival this summer.


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