Makeup Monday: No7 Luxe in a box


I got a No7 Luxe in a Box Glamorous Nudes gift set for Christmas last year, and haven’t gotten around to testing it until now! I actually love testing new makeup and makeup looks, but the past year I’ve only really worn makeup when going out, and when you go out you like to know that your makeup is going to look nice and hold the entire time. But lately I’ve found the time to play and test some products and this set is one of those.


Eye shadow palette: I could tell by looking at the products and colors that this would be a very natural look on me. There were actually instructions in form of a step by step guide on the cover of this box on how to use the products and I decided to follow these. Except for step 2 which told me to use one of the two first colors of the palette all over my eyelid up to my brow bone. Those two colors are too light for me, but I did use the first color as a highlighter and it was awesome for that. The eye shadows aren’t that pigmented. All the colors have shimmer in them.

Blush and brush: I thought that the blush would be way too light for me, but it gives a nice, moderate glow. I kinda like it! It is much more natural than the blushes that I am used to. And I don’t have that many matte blushes so this one is welcome in my makeup collections. The blush feels soft.


Lipgloss: The lipgloss was very thick, but I don’t feel like that is negative. It kind of melts into your lips and it actually stays on longer than I expected. It is not that pigmented though so I used a nude lip liner underneath because my lips are very red naturally. My lips did look super luscious with this combo!


I liked the overall look. It is more natural than what I am used to when I do my makeup, but it is perfect for everyday. To sum it up I like the lipgloss and blush, but the eye shadow palette is not pigmented enough on my olive skin. I loved one color for highlighting, but that’s not good enough from a palette.

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