Wish Wednesday #7

“Winter Autumn Dress Women 2016 Long Sleeve Sexy Party Black Knitted Dress Casual Bodycon Dress Vestidos Short Sweater Dresses” is such a pretty dress!

I ordered this dress from the store Shopit on the 12th of January and it arrived on the 7th of March. That is 54 days and the longest I’ve waited for anything that I’ve ordered off Wish. I actually ordered this dress in black, but as you can see I received a grey one. I actually like the color so I’m not asking for a refund. I payed 35NOK (4USD) for this dress. The fit is perfect except for the length being a little bit too short. I am a very petite girl of 155cm (5’1feet) and this dress barely covers my butt after I’ve walked a few steps. I’d have to tape it if I want to wear it out, or use tights underneath.

I actually want to do a plus and minus on this dress because even though I want to love it, I just can’t. I think that is simply because of the length, but maybe a pros and cons could help anyone else who is thinking about buying this.

Perfect fit. + Good quality. Stretchy and soft fabric. + Very cheap. + Looks exactly like the ad photo.

 Too short.  Shipping took longer than expected.  Received the wrong color.


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