Wish Wednesday: tips

There are a few things I’ve learned when it comes to shopping from Wish. As you may know purchases off the app don’t always turn out the way you expected. To prevent total disappointment, and to make sure you get your item as cheap as possible (’cause that’s why we shop there) I have a few tips!

1. Time. This one is key when shopping from Wish. Make sure you have time when you are going into the app because you’ll need it for browsing through all the ads. Also remember that shipping varies a lot so don’t order something that you need within the next two months. Work on your shopping cart over time to make sure you get good items at a great price.

2. Use the search feature. If you know what you are looking for then I guess it goes without saying that you should search for it. But, also use the search feature when you have found what you wanted to check if you can find it cheaper or with a higher rating. Simply copy that ridiculously long ad name and paste it into the search bar.

3. Use the measurement charts. Because most items on Wish are from Asia the sizes are often very different from what we are used to. Some ads have measurement charts that solves this problem, just make sure to use them! I must admit that I never measured myself when shopping on the app. I’m simply too lazy, but I’ve been lucky with the sizing so far! We did measure our puppy and his items fit perfectly.

4. Read reviews. I’ve found that you can’t always trust the star rating so I always read the reviews. Sometimes people rate five stars to try to get their comment on top even though the comment might tell you not to buy. People also give high ratings because of fast shipping before they have even tried the item.

5. Look for customer pictures. I love when people add pictures to their reviews, it is one of the first things I look for when considering to buy a product or not. Even if the review might be good you can sometimes tell from the pictures if the item will be good enough for you. You can tell so much by a picture, like the fit, fabric, color and sometimes quality. A picture of a girl looking stunning in a dress can actually tell me that it’s not a good fit for me because we are all so differently build.

Also remember to spin the Deal Dash wheel for extra discounts!


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