Doggiebag March ’17

This is the second doggiebag that our bichon’s received, and the second one that I’ve posted here. Because this doggiebag is only available in Norway I am concidering only posting about it in Norwegian from now on, on my Norwegian blog jmbeautyforever. If you want me to keep showing you the doggiebags here too, please leave a comment.

Our puppy was a lot more curious this time around than the last time we came home with this green box. I don’t know if he remembers that the box had goodies the last time, or if he could smell the goodies through the box this time. The box contained a squeaky, plush toy from Kong Aqua Knots and this was the first thing our puppy picked out of the box. The rest was goodies like a chewing bone made of a trachea from cattle, Fish4Dogs fish bites, Pooch & Mutt salmon bites and Whimzees Veggie Sausage. 

These boxes are really pure genius! It is so chill not having to go to the pet store for treats, and the treats we get are healthy. To find these in the store would probably take forever, but we get it in the mail with a newsletter telling us what is in the different treats and what they are good for.

And most importantly, the dogs love it!


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