Wish Wednesday #6

“Spring Winter Warm Fleece Puppy Dog Clothes Cute Anchor Hoodie Coat Pet Costumes Clothing for Dogs Pets Chihuahua XS – XL #3” is todays Wish product.


We just love spoiling our puppy and because bae loves to spend time in the boat during summer we bought him some boat wear. I just now realized that it will probably be too hot for the little guy to wear this in the summer, haha! Maybe he can wear it after baths and in the evenings. He looks so adorable in this little hoodie!


The hoodie arrived in around 14 days. I paid 35NOK (4,14 USD) for it. I ordered it in XL and the color beige. The color is more white/off white, but I actually like that much better than the beige. The quality is great and the fabric is super, super soft!


As you can see on the pictures the original hoodie has some text under the anchor, but the one we received does not. I’m actually glad doesn’t. I think it looks cleaner without the text.

I am very pleased with this item! But I’ll have to point out that even though I ordered the color beige, the color I received is more white and the text on the back is missing. I was glad for both these things, and actually liked the item I received better than the one in the add! But I just want you to be aware that you don’t always get exactly what you order.

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