Technical issues

Last week our beautiful little bichon did exactly what puppies do best; chew. He usually doesn’t do that. Since we got him he’s only ruined the shoe laces on one pair of childrens shoes by chewing. That is pretty impressive for a puppy who just lost his teeth last month!


But last week he managed to chew over the cable to my laptop charger. I guess I wasn’t giving him enough attention, haha! Or I shouldn’t have let him have his toys next to the charger..

I had a spare cord for my charger, but of course it had to be the wrong one. So I’ll have to buy myself a new charger when my salary rolls in. Unless someone wants to donate an Acer Aspire V3 charger, that would make me super grateful!


Anyway, I don’t have a computer right now  so I am posting this from my iPhone. Luckily I have some picture posts saved as drafts here so that I can just add text and post them from my phone, and I can transfere photos directly from my camera to my phone. I might not post as frequently as I have, but you can follow me on both instagram and snapchat to stay tuned!

Instagram: Jeanettemarie | Snapchat: Jeanettemariea


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