Wish Wednesday #5

“Newest Sexy Red Suspenders Slim Bodycon Dresses Hip Packages Skirt Short Dresses” is the name of this dress in it’s ad. It is so ridiculously long like every other Wish ad name, but at least you should find it if you search for this.


I ordered this dress in the color red and size small. It cost me 43NOK (5,15USD) which is so cheap it’s crazy. I was very hopeful while waiting for this dress, but didn’t dare to expect much quality for that prize. I was so positively surprised when this arrived! It came in just under a month which is totally acceptable. As you can see from the seams, it is not the exact same dress. But damn, this dress is still so hot!


It is a perfect fit. The fabric feels soft and is very stretchy. The straps can not be adjusted so I feared that they would be too long, but they too are the perfect length and fit. It would not be nice to wear a bra under this dress, but there is just enough padding in the chest area to hide nipples and probably to lift a little if you have anything to lift, ahem.


I wore this dress to the Fifty Shades Darker Premiere Afterparty at Glasshjørnet accessorized with a masquerade mask. There are some pictures of my twinnie and I on instagram (jeanettemarie) from that awesome night if you’d like to see more. The dress was perfect for the occasion and my hair and makeup turned out to be perfect too. Usually I can’t curl my hair without it straightening itself out within an hour, but with my hair newly cut I learned that it stayed wavy through the night! I am so glad it did ’cause those curls truly compliment the dress.


I just love how this dress hugs my body and especially booty, haha! And I am still surprised that I am so pleased with all three dresses I’ve ordered from Wish so far. This one I will have to order in black too. It would be the perfect little black dress.


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