Nothing ruins a perfectly good day faster than a broken nail

This quote could not be more accurate. There is nothing more annoying than a broken nail that gets caught in your hair, in your clothes, in your pets fur or anything else that it could possibly get caught in. The most annoying part is that when I have a broken nail it is always when my nails are finally nice and long. Usually I have been forced to cut all my nails down when one of them breaks, and that is just equally sad every time. But I decided to try out the tea bag method for broken nails, and it really works!


To fix my broken nail I used a small piece of paper cut out of a tea bag, tweezers and shellac. I started prepping the nail by removing oil, pushing my cuticle back and filing the nail before applying one coat of CND Shellac Power Polish Base Coat. Without hardening the base coat I gently put the tea bag paper piece over the rip. My broken nail of course had to be on my right hand and I am just terrible with my left so placing this piece was harder than I imagined, haha!


After placing the tea bag paper piece I applied an other layer of base coat and then hardened the shellac. The picture underneath is taken after hardening the base coat. I then could just file off the excess paper and manicure my nails as usual, without having to cut them all down!


I am glad i decided to try this. It was much easier than I thought! If you don’t have shellac there is lots of tutorials on this using nail glue or regular nail polish online.

May your nails be merry and bright!

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