2017 V-Day Hike


We started our Valentines Day with a three hour hike in the forest. The sun was shining all day and it was such a perfect day for hiking. Our baby Bichon had so much fun and loved running free through the trees and snow.


We chose to follow a track that neither one of us had walked before that’s called Uræddløypa. It was so nice to discover new paths and viewpoints together. We are so lucky to have such beautiful nature all around us. It feels good to discover new places sometimes, and giving our puppy some extra exercise at the same time. He also got a lot of training when it comes to socializing with both dogs and people, and everyone we met on our hike were all so positive and nice. Only on hikes and on boats Norwegian people actually greet unknown people!


I am not used to bringing my camera around anymore, but it’s starting to feel more natural again. It’s especially nice that bae encourages it instead of getting embarrassed every time I take the camera out (except if I point it at his direction, haha). I used to love taking pictures and when doing it on our walk I realized how much I’ve missed it even though it was too cold to take a lot on the hike. It still made me want to get better at photography.

No matter where in the world you’re from, I’d like to know: Where’s your favorite hiking track?

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