Four course feast at J&G


We chose to eat our Valentines Day dinner at Jacob&Gabriel in Skien. They have such great food! The portions are quite small though, or at least in the package course deals. We bought the four course dinner for 400NOK (48.07USD) each, and I had the beverage package too for 455NOK (54.70USD).

I am not going to write much more about the food, but I brought my camera and tried taking nice pictures of it so I thought I’d share the courses with you. I love practicing taking photos, and photos of food is something I find challenging and fun. The first course was cod with pickled fennel and hollandaise with vanilla and saffron paired with white wine.


2. Veal shoulder with fried artichoke cream, beets, kale and truffle broth. Side of mashed potatoes and paired with a red wine.


3. Norwegian cheeses with Julies crispbread, compote of figs and dates. This course was paired with the most amazing plum liqueur I’ve ever tasted.


I tried asking where I could get this liqueur, and was told they actually brew it themselves! It was so good it even made bae regret he was driving that night.


4. White chocolate, raw cocoa and blood orange paired with a desert wine.

Any tips for taking better food photos are very welcome!

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