Wish: Long Sleeve Bodycon Bodysuit Romper Jumpsuit

Wish Wednesday!

One item that I have seen, and wanted, so many times from Wish ads all over the internet is the jumpsuit on the first picture below. So of course I had to order it! I knew that there was a big chance that this item might not be like the photo, and lots of reviews confirmed that. So I ordered two jumpsuits, but from different distributors. But, and this is kind of a big one, from the time I ordered until I received the jumpsuits both distributors had changed their ad photos from the first ones here to the second ones.

So I guess it goes without saying that I did not receive exactly what I wanted. The first jumpsuit came in 17 days and was 61NOK (7.28USD). I ordered it in small. It fits, but is a very bad fit. It is like it is sown as a square which makes it very tight vertically and too wide horizontally. Because of this the bottom part is totally up yours and gives both a wedgie and a cameltoe. I pulled the fabric down on this picture, but one small movement later and my whole ass was showing. The fabric is not the same as it appears in the original photo.

The second jumpsuit arrived in 24 days and was 70NOK (8.23USD). I ordered an XS. The fabric in this one is much better than the other one. It is much more stretchy so no cameltoe, but the bottom part is shaped more like a pantie than hot pants and the hot pants look was something I liked in the ad photo. I feel a lot less comfortable in this bottom design than I would in a hot pants. It does have a better fit than the grey one and is not sown the same way which is good. The fabric actually follows the curve of my back.

I bought these jumpsuits because it looked comfy, and still a little sexy in the photo, so I wanted to wear it at home or for lazy summer days. Even though the pink one does fit me okey I don’t think that I will wear it ever. Or I will wear it once because bae hasn’t seen it on yet. The grey one is useless though. I feel like I am wearing a baby onesie when I have it on.


In conclusion, this was not my best buys, haha! That’s the risk of shopping with Wish.

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