Doggiebag February ’17

I subscribe to something called Doggiebag, and on Wednesday my little friend got his first box of monthly surprises. I’m going to show you what was in it, but first I want to say a little something about Doggiebag for those who don’t know what it is. This is a Norwegian service, but most countries have similar boxes of monthly surprises.


Doggiebag is a monthly surprise box for dogs which contains 5 – 6 products such as toys, training snacks, treats, health related products and practical products. Earlier boxes I received for when I had my JRT contained things like shampoo, dog bags, organic treats and lots of toys. Doggiebag says on their website that they strive to find good quality products and try to send organic, natural and sugar free products as often as they can. They also make their boxes unique by not sending the same products twice, except for dog bags and other consumables. I pay 298NOK (35,82USD) every month, but the boxes and products are usually worth much more than that. Totally worth it!


Trying to get this little guy to post with the box wasn’t that easy because he was literally scared of it. He is skeptical to a lot of things. But I just know that after a few months he’ll be jumping with joy when he sees this green box. I forgot that this was coming actually so I bought treats earlier that same day. Now I have enough treats to last until next box arrives!


He was a lot more curious once I opened this box and he got to smell the goodies inside. The box contained a Kong Dynos squeaky plush toy, DeliBest DentaBone with salmon, Natures Menu wet food with turkey, Provit Lyophilized Turkey treats and Premio Sushi Twists. None of these treats contain preservatives and most are sugar free. So far our puppy seem to love the toy, sushi and DentaBone.


We are already looking forward to the next box!

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