Free food? I’ll buzz it!

This post contains sponsored products.

About Buzzador:

I’ve written a few posts about buzzador before, but haven’t really explained what it is. Basically it is a website where you register for free and can apply to test products for a distributor during their campaigns if you are chosen for it. After you have tried the product you “pay” with filling in your opinion about it in a form. Here is how buzzador explains it on their site:

Apply: Apply to the campaigns that you think suits you and cross your fingers that you will be one of the chosen buzzadors.

Test: Test the product/service yourself or together with your friends. Say that you are a buzzador and be honest.

Buzz: So, what do you think? Tell your friends and share in social media, write a review and answer questions.

It’s as simple as that! I’ve been a buzzador for 3 years and have gotten so many cool things to test. I can write a post telling you all the things I’ve been given if you’d like. Also let me know if you’d like an invitation to become a buzzador. Anyway, the latest campaign product I’ve been given is this:

Knorr dinner kits

For the past two days our dinners have been made with Knorr dinner kits. I received two kits, one was lasagna and the second one was enchiladas. The concept of these kits is that by following the step by step guide and only adding a few extra ingredients, like for example vegetables and meat, you’ll have a delicious, authentic meal in just 30 to 40 minutes. Included in the kits there are four ingredient bags that can contain spice mixes, tomato sauce, green curry pasta and so on.


First of all I’ve got to say that these dinners were incredibly good when it comes to taste. This is thanks to the bags of spice mixes. I have never tasted enchiladas before and was surprised at how easy it was to make. The step by step guides in these kits are very easy to follow and perfect for someone who don’t cook that often! However, I feel like I could make these dishes just as easily by following a recipe online. Maybe it wouldn’t taste as good, or it would be harder to make it as tasty because you’d have to mix the right spices, but there are online recipes for that too. I like to know everything in a dish and making my dinners “my own”. Even if the finished bags of spice mix and sauce makes the dish so much better I feel like it’s cheating somehow. And I don’t really want to pay 40-50NOK (5-6USD) for cheating on something so simple.

Don’t get me wrong, I do use other dinner kits when I want simple and quick meals, but usually I won’t have to add more than one or two ingredients and these are things I already have in my kitchen. For the Knorr Dinner Kits I’d have to add 5 ingredients extra for each dinner plus water. That means I’d have to go to the store anyway. The Knorr Dinner Kits also took a lot longer to make than the estimated time on the boxes. So these kits are not for me, but I know a lot of people who would benefit from using these. They could make dinner time a lot more fun and relaxed for some. The food is super tasty and as long as you can follow a step by step guide they are also super easy to make!


A few side notes: 220g of meat, which is what the lasagna recipe states, is very little for two people. Maybe it’s the suggested amount for daily intake or something, but bae and I used 400g and that was perfect to make us full, yet not too full. We would not be full at all with 220g. The enchilada dip would be perfect for dipping veggies!

#Buzzador #knorrmiddagskitbuzz #foodworthsharing


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