“A whole year more incrediblerer”

This is a very late post, but Saturday was so much fun! We celebrated the birthday of my twinnie, Torine, with gifts, drinks and clubbing at Glasshjørnet. She got such awesome gifts! I actually did not bring a gift and feel so ashamed, but she knows I love her. Gifts are such a nice gesture and I think that even though we are grown up we should still be giving gifts at birthdays. We should all be better at that, especially me.

Her main gift, that tree of her friends bought her together, was this awesome silk boxing set with her surname on the back of the shorts and robe. This is something she had actually wished for for a long time and she was so happy when she tried it on. Doesn’t it look super cute though?


Another one of her awesome gifts was the game Bean Boozled which we ended up playing that evening, and I won! Haha. It’s a game where you have lots of jelly beans in different colors, and one color has two flavors. One of the flavors is good and the other one is bad. Very bad. The pink one was either peach or vomit flavored. The people playing take turns in spinning the wheel and eating the color of jelly bean that the arrow points to. If you spit the bean out then you are out of the game. You can choose to not eat the jelly bean and you are out. The last one standing is the winner. So much fun! Especially since I won, haha. But everyone should play this game at least once!


Tonight we are all getting together to go to a quiz. Last time we were there we came in second to last. But we were only tree, today we are 6 – 7 people. Wish us luck!


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