Hello, Saturday!

The past few days have been so busy for me. Or at least a lot more busy than I’m used to these days. It felt good with some days like that. So I’m just poppin’ in to let you know what I’ve been up to. I am actually getting ready to go to my besties birthday party right now, haha. So.. I didn’t have time to edit these photos.


Thursday was my big brothers birthday and I spent the day shopping with my mom and little sister and then went to a quiz in the evening with two of my best friends. I also had some time to cuddle up my moms little puppy. He is such a cutie! And his name is Brownie. Sugary sweet! I had to get a sitter for my little Bichon because bae is on a business trip and I worked a long shift last night. It was pretty weird (and lonely) to come home to a completely empty apartment after work last night. But I was so tired after a fun, but long, shift behind the bar at Glasshjørnet so I fell asleep fast enough, haha!

I’m going back to Glasshjørnet today, but I’ll be on the other side of the bar, woopwoop!

Have a great Saturday night!


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