Today is my big brothers birthday so I want to start this post by saying:  Happy birthday, big bro! And congratulations on being seminar leader. Have an amazing day in the capitol and let’s dine together when you come home.


Bae and I both have two brothers each and a few weeks ago we took the two youngest on a hike with the puppies. There are great hiking areas almost right outside the door of my mothers house. There are actually great hiking areas right outside my door too, we are truly blessed to be surrounded by such beautiful nature.


This day we walked up a hill called Kjerkeåsen. On the top we made a campfire, had coffee and hot chocolate and grilled hot dogs. It was so nice to spend some time in fresh air with our brothers and doing something we don’t do that often. It was a long hike for the toddler though so bae had to carry him almost the entire way down. The sun also went down before we got to the bottom so we had to use the flashlights on our phones to see where we were walking, and to avoid falling on ice. It was still a great trip, and we all had lots of fun, but we’ll do it a bit earlier next time.


We were all so tired when we got home. It felt so good! I love hiking.

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