Wish: Short sleeve two-piece dress

It’s Wish Wednesday! Yes, I could actually make that a thing for at least 6 weeks.  This two piece dress came in two weeks and cost me 114NOK (13.82 US Dollar). I bought it from JuShengYuan. In my first orders I didn’t really know how the app worked and that there were different distributors selling the same products at different prices. So I have found this outfit both more expensive and cheaper after I ordered it. The cheapest distributor sells it for 59NOK (7.15 US Dollar) right now. That’s almost half the price! I’ll make sure to check both reviews and different distributors from now on. It takes a little more time, but it’s worth it and it’s what makes it fun.

I ordered this set in an XXS. I’d say XXS is my actual size, but most stores don’t have it so I normally wear XS. The set fits a bit loose. The top actually seems to fit like in the photo ad, but the skirt is not tight enough. This gives the outfit a more casual look than I wanted, but I still love it. I just won’t use it for parties like I had originally planned, but for a bit of everyday casual glam. I think the top would look great styled with some high waisted jeans too!


As you can see here the set I received looks exactly like the Wish photo. I am very pleased with this purchase and would by more colors if there was a smaller size.


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