“Cute af”

I went shopping last week so I could feel fab in my outfit on Saturday, and I did! The awesome t-shirt is from H&M. I was so indecisive about this, but bae convinced me because of the fact that it is cute af. Haha! I’m so happy I bought it, I love it! I also bought new jeans ’cause I really needed a new favorite pair. For small, short people like me I’d recommend Gina Tricots jeans Molly. They are so stretchy, the length on the legs is good and they’re high waisted which I prefer. They also makes my bum look absolutely great, and we all want jeans to do that, right?

The belt is also from Gina Tricot, and it’s called Camilla. It actually has metal details, but you can’t see it here because the belt is so long for me that half of the details gets hidden under the extra flap. Small people problems! You can see it here. The cardigan is from BikBok.


Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell | Jacket: Vero Moda

Would you wear it?


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