Mich 25th birthday


Happy birthday, to my baby girl! I wanted to post this on her birthday yesterday, but I was way to hung over from having fun with her on Saturday.


We were four girls who celebrated her with a day and a night in Oslo. We drove in early in the morning to get some shopping done. The capitol has a lot more, and a lot bigger, stores than we do at home so shopping is a must! Even when it’s just window shopping – I didn’t buy anything, but am waiting for a few packages from Wish, haha. We ended the shopping spree with some sushi at Lille Asia Grunerløkka. Tip: If you order dim sum for starters have 101. It has a lot more flavor than 102.


We had booked a hotel room for the night and we spent most of the evening there. I brought balloons that I blew up, and Mich brought a polaroid camera, for the girls to play with while we got ready for the night. Four girls and one tiny hotel bathroom, haha. We had to do our makeup and hair in pairs. The ones who were not freshening up was taking photos and drinking wine. It was so much fun!


Two more girls joined us in the room for drinking games and gossip before we ended the night at the nightclub So. So is a lesbian club and it was my second time there. There is about 90% girls there, and the music is good, so the atmosphere is just amazing for a girls night out. My longest best friend, Vanessa, met us there too. I am not in Oslo that often so it was very nice to catch up.


The polaroids turned out so good by the way! They are a bit delicate so I’m not sharing any here, but I am tagged in one of them on instagram (@michgundersen) if you want to see.



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