Wish: Black Head Pore Strip

Recently I downloaded the app Wish and I’ve spent way to much time on it since. That app is addictive! And I can understand why it’s called Wish because I really do wish that the things I order off there end up looking exactly like the pictures. Haha. Risky business! I have already put in two orders and I thought I’d share all my purchases with you guys when I get them.


One of the first items I got was a zip lock bag with ten bags of Black Head Pore Strips. I payed 9NOK (1 USD) including shipping. I meant to buy a tube, but I was too quick to order and will have to blame myself for buying these portion bags instead. Some of my friends have been wanting to try this too so I’ll give some of these away while waiting for the tube.

We’ve all seen the videos where these kind of masks easily extracts black heads leaving the skin clear and smooth. It does get some of the black heads out, but not nearly as much as in the videos. And it does hurt, especially if you get it in your facial hair. And I’ve got a lot of that.. It is worth it though. Will buy this mask again.


What is your experience with Wish?

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