I believe that every woman has periods of time where everything feels right. Well, maybe not everything, but she feels pretty. Beautiful even. Clothes and shoes seem to fit perfectly. Hair and makeup turns out flawless every time she does it, and when it’s not flawless that’s okey because her feeling of beauty comes from within. It’s created in her mind. I love those periods.


But then there are times where she feels that everything is wrong. Same clothes, but nothing seems to fit right. Makeup doesn’t stay on fleek. Constant bad hair days. Those are not good times, but luckily the bad periods doesn’t last for long. Usually something good happens. A smile from a stranger. Someone special gives a compliment. She puts on a super cute outfit that makes her feel fierce. The Starbucks guy wrote her name right. Her coworker noticed her new ear rings. The bus is on time. The suns out.


It can also get worse. It might not feel worse because it doesn’t really feel like anything. It’s like she stops feeling. Like she stops caring. She looks in the mirror and she doesn’t see beauty nor ugly. She doesn’t look for it. She looks for leftover toothpaste. She just glances in the mirror while washing her hands. She doesn’t see herself. Doing her makeup as a routine, to look “normal”. This goes there, pat that on. Being consumed by the nothingness. I’ve been in that nothingness. For over six months that was my reality. It felt like forever. When you actually feel something you feel hopeless, and you feel like you’ll never get out of the nothingness. But like the other periods this too is created in the mind. Like the other times this one also flies. This too will pass.


If you are in that nothingness right now, remember that if you set your mind into it, it can only go up from here. Good times will come. For me it’s now.


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