That fresh trim

It’s been almost a year since the last time I did anything to my hair. I haven’t even trimmed the lengths since April last year, I’ve only kept shaving my side cut every other week. My hair was getting so long; Beautifully long, but very dull.

Last week a friend of mine opened his own hair salon in my town, Blend or cut. A girl friend and I were actually there during his time as an apprentice to assist him when he needed hair models like ten years ago. So I knew that he is someone I could trust with my hair. He also have an opening offer on all cuts and you’ll know I love a good deal.

I forgot to take before and after shots in the salon, but here you can clearly see that we’ve cut a lot! I am so pleased with the cut. It is a little bit weird that it is shorter, but I feel so much lighter. He also styled up my side cut with stripes which you can see on my latest instagram post. Next up is color!

Which color do you think I’m getting, and which color would you recommend for me?

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